Relationship in different stages

If we think carefully, we actually having a relationship all the way in our different age level. Just we don’t aware that just not as perfect as we wanted.

Boy and girl develop feeling to each other when they understand and know how to talk. Let’s analyse the earliest age level below.

Girls are more mature and earlier in develop the feeling in stages than boys.

* note: All originally written by DeXXy.

5-10 years old….when boy and girl play together.

Ah Lian: Come and play masak-masak with me..wat u want to eat? i cook 4 u.
Ah Beng: wa…so good…wanna play husband and wife..we take this teddy bear as our baby. (watch too much drama liao)
Ah Beng: (hold hand, huggiez, kiss on cheek to prove both are lovers)
Ah Lian: (run to her mum one day) Mummy mummy…when I grow up ar..i want to marry ah beng..can ar?

Notes: Very naive love but always leave a good sweet memory.

10-15 years old…when boy and girl meet up in school

Ah Lian: err..I can’t understand wat teacher taught 2day..can teach me ar?
Ah Beng: oh ok…let me explain…bla bla bla.
(after long run, he develop feeling for her)

When saw a guy appear next to her..
Ah Beng: (jealous) Who r the guy with you in the bus stand yesterday?
Ah Lian: normal friend..why? u jealous ar?

Next day….Ah Beng hint everyone that he like ah lian… so that ah lian know how he feel.
He drop her a note …love note..when she has no response from this hint..heHe.
Ah Lian reject and said studies is more important than love.

Notes: Monkey love start to develop. Easy fall in love and deeply broken heart.

15-20 years old…when boy meet girl…everywhere.

Ah Beng: Hey..look that chick..lenglui and so hot man..wanna kau her or not.
(come closer and pretend ask for anythings come to the mind)
Ah Lian: (softer the voice) really…good keng leh..tell me more…or teach me…how.
Ah Beng: you know that…hope u get it.. (try to persuade and stand the fact, to show off his smartness)

Ah Beng try to follow wherever Ah Lian going and also vice-versa. Same tuition centre, same bus, same eating place, same row during school assembly and so on.

When Ah Beng confess to Ah Lian……
Ah Beng: (spread the rumour first and see reaction). If no reaction, admit it face to face.
Ah Lian: (feel happy coz got admirers…accept blindly if she has feelings too, reject, if he isn’t a cup of tea or got another in her heart liao.)

Notes: Admirers are everywhere…see whether you take your chances or choose to ignore it.

21 years above and still studying….

Ah Lian: I feel lonely..bored and I cry everynite when problem go after me. I need companion.
Ah Beng: Seems that most of my frenz got gf liao ar…when is my turn then?
Ah Lian: I got bf oledi…my bf sayang me a lot de.
Ah Beng: (to show off). Halo..let me intro my gf…bla.bla.bla.
Ah Beng: (to show excuse). I’m busy today…i need to teman (accompany) my gf.

Notes: Gf and Bf as an icon in front of friends

21 years above and already working….

Ah Lian: I demand my bf have car, condo, condom, credit card, and career.
Ah Beng: Girls nowadays are freaking expensive to pamper.

Ah Lian: Money money money…i love shopping.
Ah Beng: I am broke cuz gf love to shopping.

Ah Lian: My money is my money and your money is my money.
Ah Beng: Dang..fainted.

Ah Lian: If you want to date me, fetch me from my house.
Ah Beng: alamak…no car. i use to take bus. how?? use bus to fetch her ar? fail to date her oledi if like that.

Ah Lian: You free ar? Come to my place la..I am not happy ar. Talk to me pls.
Ah Beng: (Still at work). Cannot la…work OT. Got project to meet deadline liao.
Lack of self-centre…egoistic
Ah Lian: I don’t feel the safety when go out with you…i feel weird.
Ah Lian: When can you married me??
Ah Beng: (think himself). Dang..u seems clever than me, earn money more than me…
Ah Beng: (think himself). I don’t have enough money to get a new house. Let wait few years later..sure money enough one…can ar? OR Let’s we save money together-gether. Joint-account better.
Ah Beng: (think himself). I am still in developing my career, can you wait until my career reach peak..then we discuss about marriage?
Ah Beng: I wish to marry late…..cuz I prefer the way we are now.
Ah Lian: How long should I wait you?? (think herself). I better get a rich guy then. All settled. Kao tim.

Notes: Money change people desire and dream.