Passion about life

I always thought my life is a miserable, boring, un-excited and lame. Actually it’s not true. I have a stable parent, living healthy and harmony, and positive growth.

My parents always care about me, especially my mom. I’m more close to my mom. I know my mom care about me, it’s a long story to tell how she cares me. She is my most loved.

Living healthy to me means no illness or pro-long diseases that affected people’s life for a long term. We must show off our thankfulness and appreciation to our parent because they give us a healthy genes and perfect body.

It was so lucky that my family live in harmony, hardly having any quarrels, though sometimes we’re so quiet, acting like a stranger. It’s still better than problem arises.

I had a friend who inherited her family genes problem which affected her health in a long term. This lead to the depression and made her so unconfident in doing this and that. She ends up joined yoga class to improve her condition. It’s also leave her a possibility to deliver to the next generation when she is getting married. In the end, she made herself so busy with work and forgets about the person who cares about her.

In the other way, I feel unlucky sometimes because I couldn’t progress to the next level that I wanted in my life. There’s always dissatisfaction about my life. My self-development seems very slow at this year. Passionate?

A well successful man should always surround with a loving family (wife and kids), stable career (well-paid) as well as some property of himself as a long-term investment. A well-paid man but never bother to save a penny is no future.

My life serves unhappiness, poor and no girlfriend since my university days. After I stepped into the job field, I started to understand that why people get married and having kids, it’s for self fulfilling.

Having a partner is likely to bring you fortune as well as your career. This has proven recently my colleague got promoted when he planned to get married. A married man is likely to get promotion in his career because of his stability and mature thought image.

Every time when you get home after work, you will have to face the same stone cold wall alone in your room if you are still single, check mail, watch lousy TV drama and get on the bed. But it seems not fulfilling enough.

Difference scenario if you are married, there will be always someone waiting in the house for your return, maybe life will be tougher as you may have to support the whole family, deal with arguments and shits like that. But…do you know how fulfilling is that?

I once heard a married guy said, “Nothing beats coming home and hug your kids, the whole day of work and pressure seems worth it”

Another uncle also told me, “Woman maybe the most wonderful gift to my life, get married you damn singles! Woman is good you know?” Yeah, I get the idea. So, all lead back to girls.

Having a girlfriend and building a family and having kids’ gives life a whole new meaning.

Some people said that girls and relationships are not the most important things in the world, what matters is passion. Some may passionate about tech stuff, some may passionate about games, some maybe books, knowledge, clubbing, own job, money, business…

My passion? Tech stuffs, travels and knowledge. So, most of the time, I try to plan some trip for a small group of people, but somehow, until now, it’s hardly successful, only a bullshit of planning.

Single somehow is not fun and enjoyable. Maybe I am just simply should be a married men.