Paintball 2008 @ Bukit Jalil

Paintball is one of the challenging game that I never think I would play with. It’s not my favorite anyway. I hate to get shot. Also it’s make you dirty. I secure myself into a group of seven shooter after get persuaded.

Paintball Challenge 2008

26 July 2008

It’ all about shooting and once you get shoot, you die! Buahaha. That’s rule of the game.

The event was heavily subsidized by the club. Only RM30 per participant and you can play up to 6 games and each game got 100 bullet.

Shoot in the air, on the grass and on bonker. It’s loud..BANG BANG!

When I reached there, I need to register and eat breakfast as part of preparation. I checked the listing and location where my team in going to play.

We need to wear the vest and helmet when it’s going to be our turn. It’s better if wear additional shirt outside to absorb the shooting (not so pain).

We’re ready to venture into the battling ground with cute bonker.

Each shooter must be prepare with own strategy and teamwork. It’s important to win over (get the flag) or kill all your enemy.

I shoot and hit few times on the enemy. When the game nearly the end, I just shoot in the air, hopefully the bullet drop to my enemy body and make them DIE!

Marshall is looking at you (to make sure you’re alive or dead). They see when your body fill with color from bullet. I got few times shot with no color, so escape death. Haha.Hmmm…I felt pity to the marshall, always mistakenly or get shoot for no reason in occasionally. Get used to it? We’re blind when comes to people in front of us. LOL.

A team consist of 7 members here. Haha..we managed to win few rounds and only miss some points to be qualified into quarter final. Sigh.

Once we done a game, we quickly went to talk about our next strategy.

Some bonkers are very hard to hide due to its shape. Various positions you need to make, like a counter-terrorist shooting, damn pro right? We get amazed of some teams are doing that.

We managed to secure our next day competition after winning 1st and 2nd round. Worth our money to play paintball for 2 days.

Our captain is experienced with handling the team movement and get the enemy flag very easy. He is braved enough to run straight to the enemy base without get shot. Amazing.

My position as defender is okay as long as I don’t die so fast, manage to kill few peoples somemore. Excited for the event and pain on the body. Let’s see how it goes next year!