Older gap

If both of party truly love each other, why bothered about the age gap and continue what you’re looking for, don’t bother what other people talks and gossips.

Mentality must be overcome to accept the age gap. The misconception of this must be thrown out from the mind. Age doesn’t kill love or kill anyone. If the gap can bring happiness to the one that are getting it, would you object to it?

Love unites, not separates, and age gap/difference is just a totally bullshit.

Some might said, “Don’t you think it’s tough to maintain and end up separate to each own way later?” I will say as long as it’s not happened in our teenager time, it’s fine, as both of us are true to each others.

But we have to think carefully if the gap is between 5-7 years, as both might not have things in common, like a guy in his 20s like clubbing, while the girl is much more mature and career-minded than clubbing. This is an exception.

That’s all for now.

– written on Jan 2008