New employment

A new offer. A new start. A new opportunity. A new career. A new employment. By next month, I will be starting my new career in my new employment with good opportunities to perform my work. Full energy and the mind is refreshing and perhaps a new start there? Who wanted to look back at the bad memories?

It’s a fair employment that I’m seeking for and very lucky indeed, I found them, or they found me. They look impressive in some aspect, but for sure, there is no communication barrier in the first place. Joking is another things.

Increment is about 35% and upon confirmation there will be another increment. I’m worth for it once I prove it. In previous employment, I’m underpaid. So, it won’t be hard to prove. In fact, qualification + experiences can boost up your value. Earn more experiences and widen your network.

That’s all for today.