Myth: Will A Woman Look Like A Man

When women think of exercise, they will think of one big myth: I am going to look like a man. The idea of looking like a mean scares women away from hitting the gyms. Women are afraid that when they hit the gyms, they’ll gain more muscles and eventually they will turn into a she-hulk. So, is the big myth true?

The answer is NO. It’s actually a very big myth. It’s very hard for women to gain muscles. Women do get more muscular with weight training, but they won’t end up looking like men, because men have testosterone. Men also do heavier weights, and women can never do the weights the men are doing.

They will never look like a man and they will not look masculine, unless they do go on steroids.
However, women do use the same machines that men use to make them more muscular. The difference is the programmes, and not the machines. It’s depends on how they train. With proper training, women can actually lose weight and their body will look more toned.

Gaining a little bit of muscle is not so bad after all. It help women to lose weight. Our body gains only about 5 pounds of muscle every year, and you’ll most probably lose it in three weeks time.

But when you exervise, your muscles and tissue sizes will increase, which in turn will increase your metabolic rate, the rate on how fast you can burn the fat in your body.

Every pound of muscle you gain will increase your metabolic rate, you’ll lose weight faster. However, not many Malaysian women know the fact that they could lose weight faster by gaining a little bit more muscle.

Many Malaysian come in and they say they want to lose weight, but they are afraid they will look buff. So, they only do cardiovascular training, but not resistant training. Resistant training helps you increase your lean muscles and tissues. Your muscles burn calories, which also mean that it will burn away fat.

There you have it, ladies. Exercising doesn’t make you look like a man, and gaining a litte bit of muscle doesn’t make you less attractive. Instead, exercise can make you even more attractive. Women who exercise will feel the difference in only a weeks time. In one month’s time, their body are firmer and toned. In three month’s time, they actualy see desired changes in their body.

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