My training methods

It has been long time I didn’t write about my fitness level. I think 3 months since I refer back to my last article about getting muscle.

I still maintain the muscle length because I hold this belief “Make use your muscle to burn your fat“. I just want those muscle to consume more calories from my body even I just take a normal meal daily.

Protein is a must to cure your ‘tear’ muscle due to extensive stretch. However, the fat will help as well to provide calories needed for the body.

Then, “Turn your fat into muscles” quote comes into use.

About getting six pack from your abs is of course everyone dream. But it takes time to make it. You know why? You had to lost the fat first, if not your packs will be hide under the fat.

I realized that since I do crunches to train abs, my eating volume has changed. I had no longer interested to eat much as I feel that getting full is absolutely a not a good feel.

As normal, I make 100 repetition of this exercise. Best record is 200, but not true, cuz I cheat. Not move properly mah.

Whenever I tried to build muscle extensively, I will rest for the next few weeks, or train it lightly.

Well, today is my heavy training on BICEPS, so far, the best comes from it. I push it to my limit today, 50kg with 10 repetition for below equipment.

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown | Underhand Cable Pulldowns

Main muscle that can be trained is LATS, others is BICEPS. Grasp a cable bar from a high pulley with an underhand grip. Sit with thighs under supports. Pull down cable bar to upper chest until elbows are to the sides. Return until arms and shoulders are fully extended. Repeat. Do not lean back!

LATS, the muscle behind your stomach, above your ass, both left and right, will feel the pain.

Pull the bar down on top of your chest, arching your back slightly. Focus on keeping your elbows directly below the bar. Slowly raise the bar back to the starting position. Do NOT lean back too far.

BICEP feel bigger. But it’s not too long as it will turn ‘lembik’ after you rest for a week. Who cares? Make use to increase your calories burning.

When metabolism of body increase, the more calories will be burn if you maintain a normal diet. Just a bit of unusual when you feel the heat in the body cause from burning something inside. As my fat normally accumulated around my waist/stomach, I feel it getting smaller when I tried the method above.

Elliptical Crosstraining is the newest and most popular exercise found in the finest health clubs in the world.

I use this to train my quads and calves. This help when I joined the 10km Run. My best time so far is 1 hrs 20 min, increased 10 minutes difference from last run.

I reached the maximum of this machine at 25, between 1-25 tough level. My minimum time to train at this level is 5 mins, and my record is 13 min. Full of sweat oledi…no mood to move to other equipment also. Haha.