Memorable 25th B-day

My birthday isn’t that bad and alone this year. You know what? My colleagues gave me some surprises (more than one)..hehe, throughout the day.

First of all, they asked whether I got apply leave on ‘big’ day. I say no, because I don’t see a point taking leave but not going anywhere to celebrate right?

Well, my sense is right, they’re planning a lunch for me, but don’t want me know where is it. This is the place where I landed in afternoon. They all waiting me to start. We all having set lunch, so you guess, we have 12 set lunch on the table, each of set got 3 dishes. So? Full of plate on the table…woah!!

Later in the evening, they prepared a cake from Secret Recipe and sang a song to me. Feel good…hehe. Another colleague of mine also celebrating one day ahead of me, that’s why I’m prince and she is princess.

Not soon after that, they gave me a present which is a tie from M & S. A branded one. All of them treated me real good.