Meet Up session

Since the last event (orange pick up), I and my friend together had made up total of four meet up with people. All meet up session were interesting, because first meet was with 24 years old (1982), second was with 20 years old (1985), and third was with 19 years old (1987).

The fourth meet was unknown because I didn’t asked for their age, maybe too obsessed with understanding each other background first. I was feel that the last meet is the best because it sparked the mutual understanding and funny environment.

Here I am going to tell how were our meet up arranged and my opinion in each session.

13th February 2006 – 69 CAFE (NEAR TIMES SQUARE)

Situation: We agreed to meet up at 9pm however they reached about 9.30pm. She is 24 years old (she bring a friend and younger brother). I also bring my friend along. When we introduced ourselves, she asking which one of us who picked up their orange. We asked them to guess. Fun.

Then, we talked about what we did on last Sunday, how the event actually run. Then, we discussed about our atittudes and character based on horoscopes. Wow, how come they can memorized all the horoscopes characteristics. They can tell who am I exactly. True. Then, we moved on job scope and a little bit of background.
Her Background: She is working in travel agency and responsible for every customer enquiries about their travel packages. Nice. Next time can ask her to intro some interesting packages. Haha. Her tall are below average, means look like 5’2 feets. Out of my expectation. I don’t think it’s going to work. LOL.

Her friend, however, is tall and skinny, and look attractive. She is working as IT programmer in Petaling Jaya. To my understanding during our conversaton, she doesn’t have boyfriend. But as we learn the situation, she is an emotional person, and she look like hard to please and calm.

Well, she is one year older than me, not going to work. Look like she is getting bored during the session. Maybe out of her expectation too.. Haha. Her income must higher than me because she is programmer while I am not even at that stage yet.

Summary: Both 24 years old, IT programmer and Sales Executive, one tall one short, both live in Kepong.

14th February 2006 – CHANNEL6 (PANDAN INDAH)

* The seats are separated in room with curtains *

Situation and background: So coincidence, this meet falled on Valentine’s Day, the reason why we made it at 11pm. As usual we reached the place and wait for them coming. They late because they had their own celebration among themselves. As usual also, we talked about job, past activities during school time and our interests.

Well, it’s because they’re still in studying life. She brings 2 friends along with her. She is only 20 years old, in first year degree (Chemistry) at local university UKM, while her friend studying in UTAR (Mass Communication) and the other one already working as fashion designer. Well, she is probably the most gorgeous among our four meet up. She got a cute look and I think that she look like Li Sin Jie (actress and singer from Malaysia).

Our conversation went well, she is quite friendly and responsive to what we are talking about. But I doubt whether we should proceed further because I think that she’s not the type that will get into serious into relationship. Maybe because she is pretty. I don’t find that pretty girl are easy to please. Yup, it’s my opinion, and I don’t said it as a fact. Don’t flame me.. haha.

Summary: Three of them 20 years old, university students, average tall (Ok), live at Serdang.

15th February 2006 -MC DONALD IN TIMES SQUARE

Situation and background: We agreed to meet at 6pm in Times Square shopping complex. I never thought of 19 years old can be so kiddish. I mean look kiddish and act like kiddish. I meet her in person (I didn’t bring anyone along with me), but she bring along with another two friends, so add up 4 persons.

All of them are same age and same secondary school. They just finished SPM and now nothing better to do. That’s why they wish to try their luck for Chinese Valentine’s Day. LOL. From their outer look, I hardly believe she is 19 years old, because she look like 15 years old like that. Huh.

Furthermore, the way they wear are too following latest trend. I already outdated. Hmmp! Peoples keep staring whenever we passed by. They must be wondering how come this guy is together with them? Gold fish? LOL. If not, why their tallness are so big difference? Huh!

Compare to previous outing, this make more joyful and laughter. Even she didn’t talk too much, however, her two friends really talkative. Even though our appearance are different a lot, but my thinking still can be match with them. HAHA. While they’re having ‘after-school-life’ mindset, I also having my own ‘earning-money’ mindset.

We seems talk a lot but I treat all these friendship talking. Not even dig into relationship talking. Haha. How can we match up.. funny. Her height got most problem. She is too short for me, I see her like under 5 feets. They admitted that they wish to become taller.

So embarassing when one tall and big, one short and They also noticed this but they just laugh themselves. Haiz..really don’t understand them. Even friends are hard to accomplish.

Summary: All 19 years old (two girls ‘look like 15’ and one guy ‘look like 17’), after SPM, live in Sri Kembangan.

16th February 2006 – TEA HOUSE (PANDAN INDAH)
Situation and background: I don’t get much information about this because it’s my friend who bring me along in this meet up. I never asked their age. Two meet two. I feel that the girl is very understanding and funny. The way she talked is funny…sometimes even make jokes. Erm…I feel that I attracted to her.

She lived nearby my area, and she worked in normal private company. Not so big and not so small. Her education background is IT. In the end of our session, we promised to make another meet-up, for Karaoke session. Cool. Let’s see how it’s going on. No comment. Comments are reserved at this moment. Will release later if positive feedback.

Summary: Unknown age, IT background, live nearby my area.