Long break alone

Hello guys! It has been a very damn long time since my last personal blog post. I guess I drop quite a lot of stuff here being “unreported”.

Since I’m not a social blogger, I guess it’s pretty quite normal. Hehe. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I still online everyday, just that I become more lazy in updating the blog. Frankly say, I’m not such busy until no time for this. Perhaps, I have lost my faith here.

Abuthen, get my point?

In fact, I have so many things to share with you all, but give me a break, I will start one by one soon, if not now.

Recovering and still recovering…

Heart: Why? Why such thing could happened until this stage? I still love and miss all the time with her. In every hour, I think about her.

Mouth: Got meh? Forgotten already la..can’t work one. It’s just make you suffer more.

Heart: Sigh, please ‘format’ me and refill something fresh here. I need a fresh blood to pump in or else I couldn’t work effectively.

Mouth: Be patient lar, you definitely can meet a new one. Take some time, ok. Don’t afraid failures. As long as you try to put down bit by bit, you will succeed one day and your wound on your hand can be cure…Time management is important, try to make your time meaningful and worthy.

Socialize more. It is not avoidable. Even you are a blank paper, you have to absorb the colors and mix with the people. They can help you in your career. You can’t do things alone.

Weekend activity…boost up my energy

Can’t believe I’m going through such a healthy life, like badminton and swimming every weekend. Both of my skills are getting better. No doubt, I’m looking into challenging my friends soon.

Best friend’s wedding with my best friend…

They get married this early month. Both also my best friend, one is guy (which I knew in Form 2) and the girl (in Form 4). All the best after 9 years of pak-toh-ing (dating). Salute. When is my turn then?

Am I such a choosy people? Abuthen, no, I’m not.

End of story, time for long break end also.

– written on Mar 2008