Lonely State

Yeah, ever first time feel so lonely. Ask this can’t, ask that can’t. Haihhh……what the hell the world around me is. Am I too bad for them or it’s time for me to feel that friends around me are getting busy?

When you reach around my age, friends around you really got their own business. No matter what they’re doing, probably none of my business. And when you getting a year older, then friends around you are getting married and start build their own family.

Then, it’s getting worst…their business even get more busy. You probably can’t ask them out anymore. Damn it. This means world is moving, and I am not moving at all??

Of course not, I am moving farer than them. One said he want to play dota, so ffk me. One said that his company annual dinner today, another one said, rushing for assignment, and final one said attend wedding dinner. Dammmmn it. Why? Why? Why?

Whatever they’re doing, I already done and absolutely move further than them. Sigh…grr.

This lonely feeling isn’t comes from being single or what. My heart got someone already..so no problem for being lonely here, but being lonely from all your friends is still weird. Feel uneasy. So, dunno la..go back to home and do housekeeping la.

– Written on Apr 2008