Hi everyone, sorry for not updating you guys recently about my life. My life is okay. However, I won’t keep myself stop at the point where everything in the world going forward.

Okay. Here are the things that changed me a bit. LOL

1) Additional Credit Card. I know it’s not a good start for a youngster who keep getting new credit card continuously. Since I got my second card last May, I can’t resist myself to get another better card. Now, I have Citibank, Ambank and latest was UOB. Forgive me ok. I promised I won’t live under credit as many of my close buddies have worried. My family has some usage of this facility. I borrowed them to pay the bill electronically, installment and others.

2) Graduation. I am suffering for my graduation. The waiting time is nearly killing me sometimes. I don’t know how long it would takes for the graduation of my final year. I already completed the whole course and all the shitty evaluation just got my nerves out of mind. How come online learning takes longer than any conventional studies? Coming this August will be 3 years time of me taking this course. How ridiculous!

3) No love life. Normal life isn’t exciting. Don’t know when I will meet my love. I am worry that I would bore. Sigh. What to do? I hope changing my work life could change everything. I hate peoples or relatives asking, “Got gf already?” Piss me off…

4) Job stuck. Bad working environment still haunting me. I just wait the right opportunities to move on. I really want to DEAL with problem no.2 QUICKLY, so that I could have better life. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE……

5) Looking for travel. Love life not improves, how can I travel? Don’t tell me to travel alone, cuz I don’t use to be alone in this way. Without someone special travel with you and share with you, it won’t be a satisfy traveling. Furthermore, peoples just keep asking to bring partner along if I want to join them. Awwww……sucks. Think to join SINGLE CLUB soon…..sighs.

As a guy, I should be less worried at least I don’t have PMS to make the things worse. I mean emotionally distracted. Anyway, I just a normal guy seeking human needs. After all, I am okay; at least, I finished this entry finally. Hehe. Bye