Life at work

DRC (Disaster Recovery Centre) for me, is a terrible place to work. How bad it is? Work alone, lunch alone, and talk alone.

Having 2 peoples work in rotation every week actually a good environment last time in PJ. After it moved to Ampang, they only need one people on duty in 10 weeks rotation. Seriously, we all don’t like the current way we practice. Working alone means less communication among colleagues and not comply with the bank slogan “Work life balance”.

I know we all don’t want this but when we try to discuss here, majority of us just don’t want to speak up. When management wanted to abolish our RM20 transport claim to DRC, I feel that this is totally a bullshit. For what we risk ourself work far from office when we’re not pay for it?

Frankly say, during lunch time, I rarely go out to eat, I rather to bring my own food and eat alone. Skipping meal and starve is the worst scenario when you can’t even out for lunch. People keep chasing you for their tape restoration. Please la.

Worst come to worst, I’ve been direct by the tape librarian to do his task which I don’t like to do. Damn him.

We all do mistake on our job like restore into wrong library, just because you guys give a wrong library. Charge you only you know. Having unload accidentally at 5th floor and you’re in 9th floor really made me fed up. Going up and down really tiresome and time consuming. Bringing tape up and down and also login their server for some reason just make the matter worst. I hate this.

I hate going to DRC when I need to load the tape for monthly task. I have to drive as far as 50km, going through the traffic jam, taking high risk on the road and also the most risky driving a bad condition of the vehicle really #@%@#%@%. I have the right to put a higher claim to secure my risk on the job.

We have at least voice out our matters to upper management to let them to understand us when problem exist even though each of us is hardly voice out. When we all discuss among ourselves, we always pointed out the problems and solutions but we never pointed out to upper management.

So, looking at our issues, can you please at least hear and understand our situation? As you said that it doesn’t matter right? Just we haven’t reach any agreement yet and no result can be given.

Where most of us (nearly all of us) doesn’t agree that the current practice should be continue. If the all of us wanted changes, it might be something wrong between this and we generally have difference of thinking and decision.

It’s just doesn’t same right?

Luckily somebody willing offer to work permanently at DRC. Hope he is okay with it. Cheers.

– written on Jun 2006