Letter to God of Love

I wrote a letter to God of Love.


To God of Love,
I am 23 years old. I have known this girl for six months. At first we did not know each other and she is my friend’s cousin. She is my first sight of love. I didn’t realize it until I experienced it. But then I began seeing her almost everyday except Sat and Sun. I started to feel the strength of crush for her. We never talked to each other but by the way she looked at me I knew she was the one for me.

During our communication, it’s only me who started it, she just so-so. I really wanted to talk to her freely and without those awkward feeling but whenever I saw her, I was too shy. I thought we could be together but unfortunately she decided not to continue the contract and I feel empty about the decision. I had confessed to her, but she didn’t accept me because I am not her cup of tea. I was totally down. I moved on to another job, hopefully to forget her.

Now I really miss her and I fell really bad that I didn’t work harder to her. I know my ability during that time; I wasn’t fully ready committed to relationship. But now, I am still waiting to go get her back although it has been more than one year since I shifted. I want her back in my life.

I still love her but I just don’t know how to express my feelings because we never talked to each other before. I don’t think I can find someone else to take this place. I just want some say it out because sometimes I feel so depressed.


I got a feedback from him a minute later.


Dear depressed,
Six months is a short time to have known someone and then to develop an interest in that person. And since you still continue to feel a strong pull toward her, find her and let her know.

For now, much of your anguish, I believe, is tied to uncertainty of the whole situation. You don’t know how she is now, whether she has a boyfriend or not and perhaps you’re not even sure of how she feels about you. So find out but asking peoples who know her. Perhaps you might have to make a outing for yourself and chance a meeting.

Until you’ve more information about her, you can’t really do much except to continue to pine for an illusive her. Half year may not be long enough a time for you to get over her, but one year may be long enough for her to started a new relationship. And if she’s in one, it’s best to leave her alone unless she feels differently about you.


Opss, suddenly I got myself wake up from dream. Hehe.