Lets break up!

Girl, girl and girl. Why? Why can a relationship built up in 9 years can be broken? Where is the mutual understanding? Where is the unconditional supportive?

– Guys who started relationship earlier is on disadvantage, he will not continue study further, all he think is how to please the girl.

– Girl who started relationship earlier is just never understand the sacrifices that the guy made. Time, money, love and endless energy spent on you all the time, no matter how bad the situation was.

– Girl’s thought changes all the time. Expectation getting higher and higher. When guys unable to provide it, girls made a lot of complaint. When she is capable than the guys, she just look him down.

– When the guys is slow or unable to further up in his career. She think that the guy is useless and not par with her anymore. Feel insecure and no future can be seen. Do they think that the reason behind this is all about the sacrifices that guy made to girl?

– Guys should however, investing himself a guaranteed future, like education level, lifestyle and generosity. Girls taste always change within her age period.

– Why keep demanding? Why not look at the sacrifices that they guy made?

– Guys should be proactive in future planning. Don’t let girl be capable than you. If they same age with you, it’s just like a career racing, if they’re older than you, it more worse. You need to accelerate as fast as you can. Conclusion here, girl need to be dumb.

– No doubt my post today is unfair today and very optimistic. Damn to gender equality! There’s no equality.

All have to blame on society because it gave equality to women to be successful and looking down on men who spend the time with you when you’re in the process of achieving it.