Job Hopper

Malaysia’s largest career fair is currently running at Mid-Valley Megamall. Today is the last day for two days event.

Actually, there’re a lot of reasons to go there, even you’re not in job-searching. It just gives yourself a chance to meet the motivator to your career.

Even myself currently can be classified as ‘desperate’, ‘hunger’ and ‘hoper’ for the job, has not yet put high hope, but at least I am working harder than before.

I just want to point some facts here. First of all, it’s normal for employees to move up from clerk to manager. I myself have been a clerk, hired by agency to work in banking industry.

I had been exposed to financial institution job even though I am IT background. With my decent knowledge in business and average skills in IT, I have to say that MIS (Management Information System) position is best for me.

People change job several times in their life, if not at least two times before ‘stepping’ their root to the company ground. It’s part of the economy that influenced most of us, by inflation for example. Having a manage post in a company might only afford to live in double-story house.

Ambitious employee tends to be very aggressive in acquire job skills in order to negotiate higher salary. When they feel the job skills are limited, they will quit anytime.

For the time being, employers and employees have different view on job-hopping.

Employers want their employee stay with them as long as possible, in order to prevent high turnover and waste of money to train people into daily job.

However, employees would stay if given a good prospect to move on career ladder. Attitude and working experience play an important role here.

This is quite true that highly educated employees nowadays tend to earn as many money as they want with their skills and knowledge. They only work in company for few years, then move on if no promotion opportunity.

Employer’s view on job-hopping is to gain more quality employees. In their tactic, they rather get skillful employee from other company to join them rather than train their own employees.

This way is to save training cost. However, my company is willingly to allocate certain amount of money for us to choose a course to study, with promised to complete with certification.

Loyalty is another story for job-hoppers with limited professional skills. They only hope that each company would give them new skills each time they hope, so that they could establish themselves professional skills.

Job-hop has a balance effect on everyone, and it’s healthy in both parties. Both situations are in win-win.