Irked but yearning

I am 25 this year. When you’re at this age, people usually ask if you’re in a relationship.

I sometimes feel very lonely and yearn for a gal to love me. I feel sad for myself as I’m just standing in the sidelines waiting to be picked. Those around me don’t help when they keep asking when it will be my turn to get a partner and so on.

On the other hand, I am sometimes strong enough to cast aside this feeling and tell myself that I can live happily without a partner. But deep inside, I want to settle down and have my own family. Can you advise me because I seem to be unfocused.

The advice would be:

Be true to yourself. Lead your life doing the things you want and enjoy. But at all times give yourself the opportunity to meet people, new people and in time you’ll find someone. Don’t go out wearing a signboard announcing that you’re desperately seeking the Other.

– written on Apr 2008