How to date without car?

Car is a luxury in the past. Today, it’s not. You see people driving everywhere in Malaysia. It’s not because car price or oil become cheaper, but the trend is going on.

High school students are driving an expensive car bought from their parents. WTF. Damn rich!

Ok…I don’t quite understand why car is so important here. Anyways, I got a point to show here. Car is a symbol of transport, for convenient in the first, luxury in the second.

A person without car look lack of somethings, somethings that you can feel it and talk everyday. You know what? When we step outside our house, the first things we will see is CAR. And during the journey, we observe the car movement and start to think.

A car topic can be a daily topic for everybody. Usual question like “Do you own a car?”, “Why don’t buy car? When?” and so on. Is it man without car is lousy and lame? Car-less guy can’t get a girlfriend?

Please tell me the truth…well, it’s quite relevant.

Will you take a public transport when you go for date?

Will you wait for hour just to go to work?

Will you rush for the transport because they don’t wait you?

Guys especially will get tease for not driving. Girls can’t date with you if you don’t have car. Maybe can say, it won’t create any possibilities to get to know your dream girl.

I love to drive but I am not a car fan. I don’t know which car is the top and barely know how to read its specification. Frankly say, I am car noob.

Ok la..take an example that happened to me last week.

I asked a girl for movie-going at shopping mall. I had to fetch her from home to the mall. We went to another mall after the movie. Then, when I drive back to home, we went for a dinner. After dinner, I sent her home.

Tell me, if I don’t own a car, how I am going to date this girl in the first place? Taking public transport?? No, even the school girl won’t follow you one, how a girl that same age with me, worked for 3 years, agreed to follow me?

This mindset had changed many guys to own a car in order to success in a relationship. It carries a true fact anyways. Haha.