Her first birthday treat

A very first year birthday celebration with her. Both of us took a day leave for this purpose and would like to spend a day together on this special day! Yes, she was so surprise on this arrangement.

Beach walk @ sunset

20 August 2008

Present wise, I’ve no idea what to purchase as I know she said she prefer something can keep long, therefore, flower is a big NO-NO.

Well … as you see below, I spotted a very nice little cow. YES, that was my target. She liked it very much which later on the picture taken with little cow was tagged under her FB profile.

I certainly brought her to a place where she was surprise. It was a beach in Port Dickson. I know it’s nothing compare to east coast beach, but at least, it was my long wish to go there with my girlfriend. As the matter in place, first visit always be the most memorable. Long time after, it will become an ordinary.

As we just started, getting something simple is something not to give a long thought. Just do it.

Our sunset view at 7.00pm was quite fruitful because I managed to draw a picture with her to go such place with your loves. Some more, during weekday not many people around, I can say it’s much more better to spend a valuable time with her.

Our simple birthday celebration trip ended beautifully at 8pm when we went back to KL.