Go-Kart Championship 2008

Go-kart racing is never been my mind before, far from thinking to join the competition. However, I did it this time. I joined blindly due to the participation fees only RM30 for about 3 round games with each game 5 laps. Very worth it. As most of us are join for fun.

Go-Kart Championship 2008

28 June 2008

It’s held at Shah Alam racing track, nearby the stadium. It was popular track in KL, however, from what I know is expensive. Normal few rounds of racing for fun can cost you RM80. Wahhh.

Both of us are first timer which always do not expect anything to be fun until feel the real. It was real fun.

The track was so hot in the morning and before noon. On afternoon, it’s starting to rain heavily.

Controlling a small car (go-kart) is totally different with car. With go-kart, you can drive like crazy or soh chai, end up spining like turtle on the road. Female drivers, majority are drive safely, totally opposite on male driver attitude, crazy.

That’s why there are two different group here.

My team consist of Marvin, Aaron, Simon and me. We only manage to secure slightly less point to enter quarter final which will see us compete until the evening.

Only the experienced driver manage to enter semi-final and final which is held on the next day, Sunday.

Overall, it’s good to join this competition to beg some experiences. We end our challenge at 4pm and go back at our own. I’m looking forward to the next year.