Give up…please give me foreign wife

Marrying foreign wife” which appeared in headlines recently provoked many people attention. People doesn’t talk doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. In 80’s, it’s called match-making, but now people called it trading. How degrading it is.

The reason behind this ‘big’ decision? “Give Up” hope when you’re unable to find local women to be your spouse. Even everyone said, ‘there are so many trees in the jungle‘, whereby you’re not even find one suitable or just ‘give up‘ due to having hard time look for it.

Okay, anyway just want to ask, let say any of you guys have stable job, income and healthy amount of asset aka money, what are you going to do with it? Are you facing the trouble finding a spouse when you’re getting aged and your ‘price‘ dropped year by year.

You have it all, but your love life seems awful, either you have very bad luck with love or girls just simply hate your guts. Will you resort to marry a foreign wives, like those Vietnamese girls that seems so popular right now?

If I’m reaching 30+, and I give up hope on dating (can’t find anyone suitable to become my partner), this is one of my serious consideration. What about you?

Singapore is going that way, Malaysia recently has gone not far from it. Well, if I’m financially stable, why not? I don’t see no harm acquiring one from Vietnam or Myanmar or even Thailand (make sure it’s pure!).

I got an uncle’s friend age near 40, he used to be very hard to find gf here in Malaysia (maybe coz he really look hideous lol). He said even got some girls look at him and spit to the side. He end up marrying an Indon beauty from Jakarta.

So, the moral of the story; there’s always hope, just keep your options open. Having some money doesn’t always mean your filthy rich that drives in Merc/BMW and owns a big bungalow.

You should know that girls nowadays are very high demand, good look and big XX, sexy body, plus tall, sweet talking, money aka mr perfect, lacking any one of these will result into many heartbroken relationship that suffered by many peoples here.

Well, do we see anything wrong with giving a poor girl from under-developed country a better life and future? Instead of complaint the local girls being demanding overboard? I think it’s wrong to condemn all the girls from your own country just to justify yourself to marry a foreign wife.

The tactics on how you get a foreign wife are vary. Maybe your work need you to travel oversea and you are attracted to them and would like to court them? Or even easier to get it all done through those “mail-a-bride” schemes?

It’s maybe a wise decision to give someone a better life from your perspective, but don’t think you’re so good, just because she owes you her life and you treat her like a slave after that.

She maybe happy to have you to give her a better life. The situation where her agents and parents pressure her to ‘sold‘ her to someone else. In her mind, she just wanted a perfect life, a value citizenship and the freedom she get after married you. BUT does she love you for real?

I don’t know….its a very complicated topic.

Some examples are shown here to see why men resort to marry a foreign wife. The girl doesn’t want to marry when try to talk about it. Even she agreed to marry, she doesn’t want to have kids. She only want to ‘shiok-shiok‘ under the roof and when she has no feel, then bye bye lo. Then, how you react?

Another point of marrying a foreign wife, when the sex desire has over, what are you going to talk with her? Both education and languages are different. How you share your feeling with her and vice-versa? She might say chicken and vegetables in her village, but you? If both of our education background is same, wouldn’t be it better?

I believe that if you really looking for a stable relationship, foreign bride may be more loyal compared to local girls. Well, off course I am stating in general terms only. I find that in our current society people has become more self-centered and selfish.

Everything also “I want this“, “I want that“. They do not know what is love and loyalty anymore. True love is hard to find already. People judge you by how much $$$ that you have. How expensive the gift that you buy to her. Gone are the days where a “princess” can fall in love with a gardener. Of course I am talking in general terms. If you find a good local girl, then you are 1 in a 100.