First Anniversary of DeXXy.Net

Well, it has been a year since I started my blog. It’s really amazing year with all of you. Ultimately, this blog is my most successful that I ever created. I’ll share the statistic numbers, my hard works and everything that I’d done to my online presence.

First Anniversary of DeXXy.Net

1st January 2010

Thank you for being with me! Lastly, below are the rankings from Alexa: –

Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,107,103 / Malaysia Rank: 5,816

I have to keep blogging to raise the ranking above. The ranking has stopped topping since at 1.2 million spot. It just runs up and down. Not many site that link to my blog, maybe the real reason. I also think that I am not optimizing and maintaining it good enough. Every second, blogs grows from nowhere to compete with each others.

Below you can see the graph, slowly increasing since the first month. It has sudden traffic from Oct onwards but don’t know why. Hmmm…

I don’t think its bad enough for first year achievements:

  • Unique visits – 12,595 visitors (but my counter show 9,000)
  • Page views – 83,082 pages
  • 3.12 average pages per visit

A little bit unexpected, but the upward trend is very pleasing. My top traffic sources are ALL mainly search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Windows Live and AOL.

Top 5 keywords: taman rama-rama melaka / taman botanikal melaka / makan-makan melaka/ taman rimba ampang / broga hill

Now I know where I should stress for more information: Melaka … my usual hangout for the year.

My total post in my blog is 106 (included this one), where 3 of them are made by guest writer Dark One. My biggest thanks to him for contributing and I hope in this year we will do even better.

Blog also have 111 pages (old post from old blog), 12 categories, 180 tags, 64 approved comments only.

And here are the most popular articles I’ve made:

  1. Taman Mini Malaysia (5,295 views)
  2. Lunch Buffet @ Tenji (2,322 views)
  3. Taman Rama-Rama Melaka (1,114 views)
  4. Dell Vostro 1200 (1,069 views)
  5. Ipoh Trip 2009 (999 views)
  6. Kuala Selangor (963 views)
  7. FGS Dong Zhen Temple 2009 (823 views)
  8. Jom Makan-Makan Melaka (815 views)
  9. Treasure Hunt Swiss Garden Damai Laut (774 views)
  10. Taman Botanikal Melaka (734 views)

Okay, since I have so much to prove my blog achievement, let’s start plan for next year ahead. I should put a well balance among travelogue, photography and my life with IT. I believe I have contributed 90% of my post in travel & trip category. But very less for photography although I took a lot of photos during traveling. This has to be adjusted accordingly.

My life has nothing to talk about, so can forget about it this year.

Guess I’ve to continue with my crazy outing next year, with lower budget and focus on the quality trip.

So continue stay with me in year 2010 and thanks for continuous support to DeXXy.Net!!

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