Feel so bad

Three months ago, I already place no hope to my current team. Majority people leave because of the manager nor do I. I had lost interest to the job, if I given another choice, I will choose to change.

Change doesn’t mean not good. As long as you’re not in tightly get bonded in your job, you can change at anytime. You feel no threats from the current job.

I like dealing with people. I like teach people and guide people to their problem. In that means, I’m possibly fit into support role function? YES. I think I do.

I like to lead people to the right path of the root cause. I hate technical, I partially don’t like talking much without exploit the information before hand. I hate doing nothing but the same thing all over again and sit in my cubicle many hours.

I think of going Singapore to work, but it’s not the right time yet. Although I have experience in working abroad for few days, I rather to reserve this in my next mid career job. Of course it’s challenging, but also high demanding. My parent advised me not going to…sigh.

I only work for 3 years and have no issue of changing profession if require. I’m working in IT line and starting by next month, I will be in business line with support role. IT skills are require for this position.

When I took the interview, they said they could offer a managerial position to me, but seeing my age, I’m still young for it. Although I’m look mature, but I don’t have much experiences. When time is allowed, I will be in managerial position soon.

I feel good. No more feel bad…

That’s all for today.

– written on Nov 2007