Do you love your job?

How many of you love your current job? I bet 90% would have their own opinion not liking their job.

Today, I am writing this on behalf on myself who has found my intention path of my career. It’s still far to justify this opportunity as it’s too early to give comment.

It’s a trend. Job requirement keep changing. If you don’t feel want to change, you will ended with hating your job. That’s why job satisfaction is very important to the organization.

How many people are really work in the industry that they dreamed when they were kids?

For me, I dreamed of become doctor, teacher and lawyer (I choose this become it’s majority choices). It’s all professional job. However, when I enter secondary school, my ambition are clerk, businessman, and doctor. Fun is it. Clerk generally a low-entry job but I chosen that become I wish to work in office environment. YEAH..I did it in my first job.

Then, when I study higher education, my ambition totally changed. I wish to become an engineer, designer, and also manager. All ended with ‘-er’. Haha. Well, I ended up with bank officer now. So, the reality isn’t what I dreamed off all the time.

I can’t predict how long it would take to the desired route, because IT is keep changing, and it does affect the growth of your career. (how much you follow the changes or you left behind). It might take a shorter time, if I take an initiative to change it.

Staying in same position for too long will just decrease your productivity and increase your loyalty.

Having a job is like having a study, just the difference is the time we spent. We spent 13 years to study in school, but 35 years to study in a job. If we’re satisfy with our current position and decided to stick with it until reached 35 years of tenure, then we’re actually are not moving anywhere but getting back to where we started.

Let me emphasis this way. Job position for the manager today is same for the clerk in 20 years ago. In 20 years ago, a manager position is same for the president today. So, in 10 years ahead, president will means nothing than a clerk in 30 years ago.

Therefore, should we keep changing to beat this measurement OR we will become poverty in our challenging society in future.