Diet Control

If you’re looking for a diet control, you’re may probably think that starving or skip some meals is going to work. NO, it’s not, and it just make the situation worsen.

For quite some time, controlling your diet means avoiding unnecessary food to land in your tummy.

Just think this, “I could have something else than this kind of food“. Always carry this thought and I can assure you’re success 75% of your diet control.

There’s no grand secret to success to control in diet control.

Most of the time, our meal time just started at home. And most the time, we just have lots of junk food in our house for ’emergency’ purpose. At least to ease your hungry during the weekend or tv session.

For the case above, “Bought less junk food or snacks“. Try to put less efforts to accumulate your junk food in your food store.

I understand that most of us will loitering around the snack area in supermarket like TESCO, offering super LOW deal snacks for 0.99 ringgit only!

So make sure to eat something before you go to supermarket to avoid the temptation of those snack foods promotion. If I go food shopping without a good meal in my stomach.

I often come home with junk food or even worst, a RM 6.99 whole roasted chicken.

Impulse control goes a long way here but no one will deny it is far harder to resist that impulse if your favorite junk food is within your reach. That is human nature.

Along from my shopping experiences, I had gone through the temptation to “sneak in” into some fast-food/western/japanese/korean food outlets. Okay, to control my diet means I could have something else besides this choices.

Reduce your temptation” first, although it’s not sound logic, but it work for me occasionally.

Apart of it, diet control consist of your “food volume“. Our mindset always tell us that buffet style has the most value for food. Actually it carries an unhealthy diet for the long-term.

You “may-have-it-all-for-yourself” meal actually the reason why diabetes increased among the Malaysian.

We must treat buffet style meal as a place where we can try as many food as we can. Just pick up all varieties of food along the table, in small quantity. You never get this privileges in normal food stalls. That’s the difference.

By using “smaller plates“, means we’re visually being informed that the food is enough, whereas the bigger plate may give us to fill up more. Unless you’re going for food competition la!! Haha.

You see, if we consume less calories in our meal, than our body needs, actually we’re going to lose some fats to replace the burning needs. However, it takes just too long to achieve our target.

That’s why in my previous post, I mentioned that gaining some muscles, can simply burn more calories in your body, thus increased your body line faster than anyone else. Every pound of muscle tissue can require an extra 25-50 calories a day.

What that means, is say, for example, you gain 10lbs of muscle (applied for men), you are now burning an extra 250-500 calories daily. If you are dieting – that means that you are losing that much fat just from having that muscle on your body.