Degree finally!

YO YO YO YO YO!! So happy!! Finally!! Everything’s going to be change. I am waiting for the change sooo long.

My degree certification from US finally printed and mailed to me.

Finally, my dream comes true. My life seems incomplete without this. The evaluation process delayed the issuing and delivery. I had completed the last module in 10 months ago.

Having a degree is nothing to employer nowadays as they prefer to look to your attitudes and personality.

I have been worked for nearly 3 years. I am fast learner and self-motivated to my own skills and communication. The main problem is “opportunities” doesn’t exist in my job scope. How to present my capabilities then? The limitation seems to be bothering me from perform better and it made me so boring.

Frankly say, people simply don’t give chance if you don’t have degree education. Your job responsibilities will be always the same. Doing the same things all over and over again. Am I right?

Even you do have the abilities, but you had to work really hard to get people notice your existence in front of them. Worth or not? No. it takes a lot of your time.

It’s different story if you hold a degree. You’re given chance.

I had experience as a clerk. What I can say is the job security is very low. The cost of living outside there is high. Clerk nowadays only suitable as full job for part-time student.

My current position is operation officer. The job security is there and looks better. Many people actually can start their family with this job. But somehow, the job promotion or growth is kind of slow.

Now, I am looking for the job that being offered to fresh graduates from university. I stand a better position because I have working experiences.

The best is once you have working experience, you know what you want to head in your career compare to the fresh graduates who still blur in choosing the path of their career. I admit I am the one 2 years ago.

I am degree holder now. One of the many hundred thousand out there. Hehe.

The result transcript. Not bad my CGPA. I get 3.27. I wish to get 3.50 but it’s so damn hard, you know?