Computer is part of my life

My life is all about download in past 5 years ago. I was in a virtual world, eating, sleeping, fighting, dreaming and working.

My whole time is spent with computer. Not mentioning about Internet.

Internet is like connecting me to the world. Disconnecting make me feel abandon. However, I don’t rely on it so much, just depending it a lot to done my things. If the market average is spending average of 12 hours per week, I can say I spend average 10 hours per day.

I already abandon the old-fashioned activities such as watching TV in return to favor of the web. I download series drama and news to watch. I still can catch up with news and article online.

What I’m going to do if no computer? It’s not that I can go dating or spent time with girlfriend. Speak truth, my best friend is myself and computer.

And remember, it was me about 5 years ago.

– Written on May 2008