CNY 2008 Dinner with Ops

Hee Lai Ton Restaurant

16 February 2008

It’s a ‘Lou Sang’ dinner with ex-colleagues Ops that held at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant. This is normal tradition, which is created by us every year even though majority of us not from Ops anymore. It’s my second year. Last year was at Mei Keng Fatt Seafood Restaurant.

WWL, WCW, Sam, Teh, Yoong, ME, WKW, Takashi and Chin. This year alone see lesser people joining due to outstation.

This year ‘Yee Sang’ look better. It’s call Salmon Fish & Pear “Yee Sang”.

Seems that this is a must for every dinner. It’s called Special Shark’s Fin in Mini Bowl.

This dish is Steamed Pomfret with Soya Sauce.

I personally long time didn’t eat this dish. It’s called Suckling Pig in Hong Kong style. Out of all dished, I like this so much.

Pan Fried Prawn Heong Fei’ Sauce.

Braised Mushroom with Fish Maw and Dry Oyster.

Golden Wax Meat Rice. Got a nice name even though it’s simply a rice.

Sweetened Mango & Mix Fruits.

Frankly say, this year ‘lou sang’ is not fancy for me. Why? Because it’s generally spending on the things that less worth. Each of us fork about RM100 for this dinner. But, I still look forward for this every year.

Happy Chinese New Year 2008, year of RAT.