CNY 2007

Yo! Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai! Kong Hei Fatt Choy! Happy Piggy Year. It’s my year anyway.

This year turns so good as I never need to struggle to take leave or whatever way not to work during CNY. As I no longer work shift (which only affected one year only as I joined after CNY in 2005), now my life led to normal mode.

CNY eve turn out to be okay. Reunion lunch at my own home first before having again at KL ‘hometown’.

As usual, mother is a vegetarian cooker. Already expected a delicious vegetarian lunch for us liao. So, it’s hard to see any meat based food unless….ha…unless special request has been put earlier. LOL. But nevermind la, it’s healthy to be non-meat eater.

This is the house were all the uncle/aunty from my father’s side will gathered for reunion dinner. One of my older cousin had a new baby last 2 months. Now, he had 3 childs, and his daughter is pretty cute.

When is my turn? No people asking me whether got gf or not..haha. Instead they asking, “Faster get married and get a cute baby la”.

Lou Sang session at my home after the dinner. This year turn out to be no activity compare to last year, BBQ.

Didn’t think much and slept early, didn’t bothered about the firecracker…totally lost interest to it. Dunno why.

Bing bang, bing bang….in the early morning…I heard some lion dancing from outside.

All of us gathered at ‘hometown’ again to wish each other as well as taking angpow from them. Save time, save cost and very efficient way to ‘pai nian’. Haha.

Collected RM38 in first morning. Parent gave RM60, grandma/pa RM7, big aunt RM10 and small aunt RM10.

Then, in the afternoon, went to mother’s big sister house.

Since I was already in PJ area, I suggested to walk around at The Curve.

I spotted many peoples there, even most shop were closed. First day mah.

Day 2

Sai Yee was coming to my house with her 2 cute childs and a 3 months baby. Watching them playing around just reminded me the old days.

Second day not going anywhere, but stay at home to entertain relatives.

Third day was more better, at least went out visiting FGS Dong Zen Temple at Banting with whole family. Took a lot photos. Got the CNY feel so much. I will show you in next post. Hehe.