CNY 2007 Dinner with Ops

Mei Keng Fatt Restaurant

24th February 2007

Lou Sang‘ dinner with my colleagues at Ops held at Mei Keng Fatt Seafood Restaurant. This is my first year join this dinner with them as they previously had here every year.

At 11 peoples gathered this time for Lou Sang, I felt that this is definitely a way to show our passion.

It’s a must occasion to show we’re still as unite and strong for ever. Our motto is to make it as grand as possible. To show this, we were taken the most expensive dinner set which is RM1188, a very good number for Chinese dudes.

Lou Sang, I don’t know how many times I did this. The most I ever had so far in my life. I know I’m doing good this year, that’s why. LOL

Crabbies, not enough at all. How to feed 11 peoples with only 2 crabs?

Baked oyster with cheese, the taste is so good. I like it.

Fresh geoduck. Don’t know what kind of duck meat that so expensive.

Geoduck meat. Don’t know what kind of duck meat, cook it ala steamboat.

Fried bamboo. Only a piece of meat in each.

Steamed fish. Like usual fish. Nothing special. Maybe I don’t know how to eat kua. One word, not enough!

Lobster dish. Taste so good. Like it.

Normal dish. Mixed vegetable with ‘fatt choi’.

Snail meat. First time eat this.

Finally, our prosperity group consist of WCW, Sam, WWL, Adam, Danny, Yoong, WKW, Chin, Chai. Teh and Dexter. See you guys next year.