CNY 2006

haha, didn’t do any countdown out there, only at home, counting by hands.. hehe. this year is kinda quiet, not much ‘boom’ everywhere like in the past year. maybe it’s due to unpopular activity or we growth mature already.

i just make a small table in the living room and everyone please serve yourself. we also play poker card for fun. haha. it’s my idea anyway.

full of laughter after all, forgotten the time was already 3am.. GONG XI FA CAI!! My house indoor is fully paint with new color..see the door and the curtain.

“Dong dong dong chiang, doong doong dong chiang”, the songs and drum as well as lion dance came out from tv speaker early in the morning woke me up…wow.. really got the mood and feel for this chinese new year. but u know the feeling is kinda different because we are grow up and not excited like during our childhood.

we pay some visits to some of my relatives house and the total angpow that i received today is far less than before. becoz some of the relatives are outstation..duh. my parents always give me the most every year, haha!!

see see see… i am richer with the money here.. kekek