Chap Goh Mei 2006

Hi, I am back. Yesterday event just rocked. It filled with lots of fun. Haha, I just so-so only. Peoples start crowded that place so early because the event started at 6pm. I reached there at 8pm.

At the first, I thought it will be a massive jam of peoples throwing ‘lokam’, but actually you need to buy ticket in order to enter the area where the throwing event is held. The damage is RM10. I didn’t understand the game so much because I only decided to enter there at around 10pm. Just because I never play such fun event, I give it a try.

I noticed that more guys dare to get into water to pick ‘lokam’ compare to gals. And I can said hardly see gals pick up banana who threw by guys. They are really shy!! OMG, bananas got nobody pick up and still a lot floating on the water.

Majority of them are very eager and pick up a full bag of ‘lokam’ and then bring back home to call one by one. There is no what we call, pick up one and call up. We don’t want to limit to one choice. LOL. I managed to spot lots of peoples call on the spot but failed to do so, then they accused that the numbers are fake.

The event ended at 11pm and the respective area can be enter by public. This is the most peak moment where everybody throwing to the water and created a big splash. Really funny and exciting environment. I think that this is the best time ever for the whole day for this event.