Car = Girl?

I don’t quite understand… Is CAR a must for man? Man without car is lousy? Man without car is lame? Man without car cannot get a girlfriend? My friend was free and came to my office to fetch me so that we can have lunch together. “Why don’t you buy a car?”, there she goes again. She always tease me that I do not own a car, always need her to fetch me and laugh at me that I do not drive one. She said, “You don’t have car, very hard to date with you lah~“.

Duh… 😐

Ya, I know she is kidding. But many people (friends, ex-girlfriends, girlfriend-wanna-be, etc) ask the same question to me before. “Why buy a car!?”, I always ask back.

I see no point to get myself a car now.

1. Car is liability. I don’t want to tie up myself by the $%^& car.
2. I do not need to have a car now. My brother fetch me, or I can take bus (though bus fare increased 40%!)
3. I am not a car fan, I do not have interest at the four wheels thing.
4. I do not have a girlfriend, and not going to have one soon.

So, girls, if you do not fall in love to me just because I do not own a car then that’s your lost. I will have a BIG car and own driver. Buahaha.