Can’t drive away from her

My life is rather boring nowadays. Apart from working, sleeping and eating, I got nothing better to do. But I do believe that I’m still progressing in my life, probably in my career field.

Love life is rather sucks. After stay apart for few months, I found myself unable to forget her. Her image is still live in my heart. I always thinking about the good and bad memories when I’m with her. I still treasure the time spent with her.

I’m regret that we’re not destine to be together. I’m regret that how such bad things could happen to me. If nothing bad happened, I could spent my graduation with her. I could even spent Christmas and New Year with her. I could even spent Chinese New Year with her. I could spent Valentines Day with her. I could do many things that I already planned a while ago. I told her what I gotta plan. She knew. But this are not going to happen. I regretted. Why?

I’m wondering. What is she doing right now? This thinking is never stop appearing in my mind? I’m still thinking that I still love her. I really can’t put her away from my heart, the more I tried, the harder it takes.

– written on Feb 2008