Barbecue aka BBQ 2006

Barbeque (BBQ)

25 November 2006

Dude, this event is held again at Danny’s house at Puchong. Bigger crowd is expected this time, total of 19 colleagues from various team attended this ‘post annual dinner’ event.

Everything seems ok except some had difficulties finding his house. Normal la… 🙂 Actually we had similar event last year.

As usual, each of us is responsible for each task, Jiann Huei brings chicken wings (main), Chee Wyi brings fish ball, and hotdog, Sam brings fish and ice cube, Enji brings vegetable and fruit, Chin brings satay, Danny sponsors beer, his house and equipments, Takashi sponsors Chivas and I bring nor sponsor nothing. Hehe.

How I know? I didn’t assign to bring anything. So, all I can help is came early and help to do miscellaneous task.

The charcoal has been set on fire by Danny when I came. We just need to add up more ‘fire’ onto it and thus create warmer environment. LOL.

The food is cooked over an open fire, therefore the heat spread out widely. Luckily no rain (a little), nor wind. The hot charcoal is usually put outside and all of us has to squat and grill.

Alright, pictures do the speaking, I gotta shut up.

Grillllll……grillll……nothing can do but grilllllll…..switch back and forth to prevent ‘black’ (over burn) spot.

Fire sparkling…gosh..tell you don’t put sooo much butter aka oil…you see…you made me take this nice photo. Keke.

Part of us…some were shy off from camera.

Most of us except Enji and Yoong came late.

Just started…..and so fast act busy.

Adam all the way only eat but not help to grill. He admitted he doesn’t know how to do after we continue to accuse him, “Only know to eat only since you came here, we don’t see you do anything wo”. Haha.

Satay man…contribute his energy to ‘burn’ satay.

The terrible hog from satay burning.

After that, alcohol drink ‘flew’ here and there. The event ended at 2.30am (the time when I decided to go back), actually it’s ended earlier when first batch of people started to ‘wave’ at us.

Happy?? least something I never expected, made me anticipated for the whole night.