Barbecue aka BBQ 2005

Year end BBQ

31 December 2005

this event happened back to the end of dec last year, i and my colleagues having a barbeque dinner in puchong. our plan somewhere lack of communication, and it was a rush preparation on that day. sigh. however, this end of year celebration is far more better than previous year, where i spent alone. this year at least a group of ppl.

the charcoals here look like a stone.. funny.

huh, finally the fire started up!!

i reached there around 8pm and high traffic jam around KL for new year celebration is happening during my way here. most of big road were closed for better flow of peoples ushering new year. actually, peoples are jamming the main road and outside shopping complex.

here are the pixies for our bbq dinner on 31st dec 2005. have fun and memorable.

here got hotdog, ham and wings

let’s everyone say cheese…omg i can’t say cuz my mouth was full.. lol

the bbq set was sponsored by LUM, whereas others we share among ourselves. we spent rm36 for each person. we played poker after bbq session until we went back. Beer drinking activity for who lose in the game was really fun. it’s my second time where i get myself too much beer.. hehe.

the session ended around 2am something…everyone heading back to home becoz some of us need to work tml included me. bye.