Awkward and shy

Every time when I chat or talk with gals, there will be a moment of silence where I don’t know what to say and suddenly the conversation become quiet and reach the end. Usually, I clueless on those situation.

Hey man, I’m not boring person, it’s just that conversation is a short one and what is the problem then? I don’t know. For me, even I got that kind of situation, it won’t stop me from getting chicks around me at all.

Well, I believe one cannot change its own character. Whenever I’ve problem expressing myself, I just smile to her and tell her I don’t know what to say.

To aim a girl to be your girlfriend is even more tough. You can’t be in awkward situation or else you never success getting her at all, some more I’m not lengzai and not rich.

Let me put a formula here. To be more confident with yourself as well as the way you look and speak to others. Keep cool and just be yourself. Have you notice that when you speak to a lenglui compare to not lenglui one, it’s more difficult to express yourself better to the lenglui?

It’s because you’re attracted to her and you don’t want to scare her away! You put yourself in pressure. However, it doesn’t happen to not lenglui type. You can speak anything, even bullshit.

SMSing is okay sometimes, but if meet face by face, I’d become a robot already.

So, if you feel shy in front of lenglui because you’re not lengzai enough, then just tell her that she is pretty. If she had a good image on you, she will like it. Or else, she will think that you’re pervert and hamsap. Nevermind, if majority of lenglui telling you hamsap and pervert, I’m sure at least 1 Lenglui will tell you she appreciate what you said and accept you as friend. From that point, you can show your sincerity onwards.

To start a conversation, always from introduction of yourself. Express your happy thoughts and experiences which can be share and laugh together. If she looks bored, you can try asking her some other question.

I admitted sometimes, I just a loser in starting a conversation. Every time I talk to girl, I just go with err…. It’s look like CPU hang out with sound. Cannot talk at all. I think, Die la man, I’m growing old already, still don’t know how to talk, then how can I get a girlfriend, some more I’m not that lengzai.

People said I dress up like an old men and follow old men fashion…sigh. I don’t know what to do. I asked a close girl classmate what she like in a guy. She said she don’t like a no-confident men like me and only know how to interact with machine (computer).

Aishhh…I’m going to end my life soon…

Good luck!