Annual Dinner & Dance 2006

Classified as an event of the year, O&T Dinner 2006 held at KLCC Convention Centre Grand Ballroom Level 3 on 11 November 2006. The theme for this year is Creative Night of Colours.

Programme kick off at 8pm but the judges for Best Dress started at 7pm onwards. It’s not my first time attended such high-profile environment, as my expectation is there.

My social network was slightly larger than last year. My table number is 79 and the location is very far actually. I had to walk around to greet the peoples.

I am more happy this year as I had more friends this year, compare to last year. I has focus this year, compare to last year, where I sat in my place for the whole night. The feeling is just great when I reached there.

Okay…it’s time for photo sharing. Sharing is caring.

=== Dancer in action ===

Performances has put the dinner up to standard from various department.

=== Competition for best dress ===

The one in the middle won the title.

Even though, not everyone wear colourful, however, it’s all depends on our own self interest. How you wear is fully based on your comfortability.

You wear smart and beautiful for yourself and environment, not for other people. But other peoples judge you on their view and not majority views. So, don’t push yourself to the limit.

=== Fashion show from Parkson ===

The models are all from colleagues from various department.

=== Group of the night ===

From top to right: Chee Wyi, Kah Kin, Chin, Dex, Lennon, Sam, Yoong, Nicholas

Suzanne, Sam, Chee Wyi, Chin, Siew Neng, Kong, Angie, Jessie, Dex, Nicholas

Dex, Yeo, Yoong, Sam Kah Kin, Danny, Chai, Adam

Ex-treasure hunt members (exclude the most right).

=== Lucky draw on board ===

Lucky draw is common for everyone surprises and fun.

=== Closest bud ===

The event ended late, around 12pm and we’re wandering around to take photos. Then, we headed to Red Box Karaoke for fun until 4am.

The food is fine. The drink is fine. The beer is fine. Everything is fine. It’s a memorable dinner since I worked in OCBC.