Annual Dinner & Dance 2005

Hotel Nikko [7.00pm] – Annual Dinner is held on today at Nikko Hotel, beside the Citibank (my ex-workplace).

The crowd started at 7pm when guests arrived at wide ballroom specially for O&T Glamourous Night. Guys wear smart and glamour and gals wear pretty and elegant.

The theme for tonight is glamorous, that’s why. We got the best dress and lucky draw. It’s just a beautiful moment since I worked in this company. I expected this should be high profile, but not yet reached dinner. The quality is there.

It’s my first time to wear such all-in-black night wear in such high environment. I pretty enjoying it. Expected it and having good experience. I am not going to write much because I want to show pictures that taken in many cameras. Picture show thousand words. Here are the pixies:

=== Ballroom ===

=== Ribbon ===

=== Glamourous Night Stage ===

=== First dish and last dish ===

=== Yam Seng ===

=== Group of the night ===

The event ended at 11pm but guests still can wondering around to take photos and dancing. Good night!