2007 Review

It’s time for year-end business review. Going to be my third review since 2005. Look myself and wonder how much changes I’d made this year AND throughout this three years.

Year 2005 seeing myself working in the field (IT) of my studies. I bought my first car, having some local travel and by the end of year seeing myself completed my part time degree studies. It’s also the time where I started using my own money to buy my stuffs, no longer use parent money.

Year 2006 seeing myself improving the things around me. My room getting renovated before CNY. I started contributed in my house expenses, such as buying new refrigerator. My social activity getting improved with trying speed dating, making house BBQ, participating many marathon, hill-hiking, join company event and met someone who encourage me to go for my will. My career is getting better too after I successfully transfer to become analyst programmer. Hence, my life become better, I get more credit cards, start to lose fat, and finally get my degree certification.

Year 2007 however seeing myself in achieving greater height in term of career, relationship and personal. I’d live up my life to my will. I drive myself to my own desire. I went to many travel & trips this year. Visit Malaysia 2007 pushes me up to high. I get a lot of exposure being travel to many places. No doubt, Visit Malaysia 2008 is just around the corner. I met The One who drives me crazy…up and down…and finally over. I learn a lot from this experience. In replacement of this, I found my light in my career.

Transfer to another department


The year getting started with my job transfer news. It was happier than anything else. At first, I foresee a good start and prospect until 6 months later I found myself stuck in the realm. I struggle and finally get myself out from this at the end of the year with an offer. Year 2008 will be a year of new treasure.

Getting new gadgets

I will not miss out my shopping spree on my favorite gadgets. One of it is my Sony Ericsson Z610i which incredibly look superb outside and great inside. It supported 3G at least save me from thinking of new replacement in this few years. However, I wish to get a PDA-based phone by next year. Hehe.

I have been used my current P4 PC since 2004 and still rocking. Too bad, it died suddenly. Hard disk crash. I lost many data. No use to feel sad. To get myself back, I need to get a new stable PC, a Pentium D (a lot faster) to use as my main workstation. Up-to-date, I satisfied with the performance. However, I’d think of getting a new notebook next year. Hehe.

Year end always a crazy period of shopping, neither me. This month alone, I bought MP3 FM Modulator. To be use in my car. It play Mp3 directly from your thumb drive or SD memory card. Can dump my old CD-R music already.

Sony Ericsson M2 memory 512MB. I always wanted bigger memory card, last time I request 128MB but very hard to get it. So, can throw my old 64MB card already.

A new LCD TV from Samsung, due to the old TV reached its time. Sigh. Need to fork extra to get this TV. Luckily the cost is share among my sister and parents. Can throw old TV already. In fact, it was thrown to recycle association already.

Edifier stereo speaker with FM build-in. It added new feature that I never think of (FM build-in). Can turn your speaker without attached to your PC. Can throw my old FM radio already.

My current memory card for digicam is 1GB. I bought this 2GB at cheaper than and double to my current one. Why not buy it now? It’s able to store 1,000 pictures and above. Can throw my 1GB for other purpose already.

Travel and Trip around Malaysia and Singapore

One word…to describe my enthusiastic of my travel and trip plan this year (truly enticed with Visit Malaysia motto).


Penang – One of the top Malaysia‚Äôs most popular tourist destinations. Intended to fly for very first time and with Air Asia. It’s a family outing which my parents like this trip very much. After this trip, I went for another same trip in November by car. Again, family outing and I need a place to get the my mind off from her.

Bukit Malawati – A place of this hill where two forts once stood. All that remains today are a few old cannons and part of the original walls. Go together in group of colleagues for fire flies and seafood outing.


FGS – Dong Zhen – Located in Klang and hosted an event conjunction to CNY festival. It’s a family outing and I like it the place. Wish to go back again next year.


Redang Island – The best place I’d visited this year with my ex-university mates. This water activity bring me joy and memorable fun. Took the flight for second time and it has been a funny story behind this. Haha. Anyway, it opened my mind to treasure such kind of place more such as Lang Tengah, Perhentian and Tioman.

Genting Highland – A night day to morning trip by car. Went up at 11pm and came down at 3pm. I think it’s most crazy thing I have done this year. Without any plan, I suggested go to the hill just to yamcha (drink Starbuck coffee). Although we end up renting a room for a night (rm140), it’s slightly expensive to get at last minute. No more crazy thing anymore…haha. Never try never know, right?


Singapore – Initially, I got a chance to go on February for project but I rejected due to my inexperience in my job. A month later, I’d been invited for a course training in SMU. Didn’t manage to go around the city as it’s my first travel outside Malaysia. I’m my own travel guide.

KL Tower – Organized by recreational club for staff outing. Although it had built since 1996, it’s my first time getting into this popular tower in Malaysia.


Melaka D-Paradise – A native village and tropical farm. Another family outing dedicated to my grandmother because she likes fruits. I feel nothing special except for the electric buggy.


Lang Tengah – As I mentioned, I love water activity so I treasure this island near Redang, called Lang Tengah. Out of my expectation, I found that it less fun compare to my Redang trip. My up-and-down in later month also started from here.


Taman Negara – A tropical rainforest preserve is one of the top highlights in Malaysia. My long awaited trip since it’s a challenging and adventurous trip consists of jungle-trekking, hill-hiking, rapid-shooting, cave exploring, night jungle walk, canopy walk and Orang Asli settlement.

Port Dickson – A team-building trip organized by IT dept. At least, we have fun around and know each other well.


Bukit Tabur – A hill located at Taman Melawati near Setapak. Climbed for the second time after I pledge not to climb anymore due to its dangerousness but this time I found it’s not that anymore. Why? Maybe I’d gone a far challenging than this.


Singapore – Another trip need to be arrange due to project implementation. This time, my direction is better and managed to met a lot of colleagues there whom only deal through the phone only. At this moment, my job has been steady and I can fully manage it myself, but too bad, I’d my own direction somewhere else already.


Singapore – SG trip again. The graduation ceremony by Informatics is held in Victoria Theater this year. If I miss this year, I have to wait next year. Since I really wanted to complete the whole process as a graduated student, I have to attend even though all the expenses need to bear by myself. My parents went along with me to witness the historical moment of their children. I feel so proud when getting up on stage. The rest are history.

Gunung Nuang – Invited by friends to hike this Nuang hill (equivalent with Kinabalu hill for its difficulties). Since I wanted to hike KK hill next year, I try this one. Wow, real tough especially after rain. I’d been fell for few times. Haha. Nice experience.

Penang and Cameron Highlands – Due to my long leave, I’d plan this. Further more, I need to get break from my recent break-up. Drive along the PLUS highway and stay one night in Penang beach. On the next day, we stopped by Cameron Highland for fun. I saw a lot of roses selling cheap, but I don’t have chance anymore. Sad. Even though this family outing is short and rush, however, the distance is long, about 1,058 km in total and I’m the only driver. Damn tired.


Melaka – It’s first trip after I started my new job. It’s not actually a plan trip, but more on attending an ex-colleague wedding dinner. We reached in the afternoon and go around before the dinner. We stayed one night at Baba House before going back to KL. Even though a simple trip, it’s good for me at this period.

Gua Tempurung – This trip actually a delay trip from August, that’s why in August I don’t have any trip to go. Sigh. Anyway, the feeling isn’t same anymore. Didn’t expect this to be last trip of the year. I enjoy the event when we all have to explore the cave in dark (with torch light) and wet. Very nice.

Sport activities

Being active in the sport is always my dream. When I was a child, I never had the chance to participate in sports due to parental control. I don’t understand. Anyway, this year is going to observe my effort to join as much as possible. Next year is even more, I guess.

In June, I participate in Big Walk 06/07, a norm walking event since I joined in 2004. Continuously from last year, I joined PJ Half Marathon 07 and Subang Run 07. It’s my first time joining Mizuno Wave Run 2007 which offered better goodies and T-shirt.

Badminton, is always my favorite all these years. This year seen me play a lot due to group that I joined are very active. My game is improved a lot this year. No doubt, I will continuous to excel in this sport.

Swimming is my latest happening on the last two months. From know nothing about how to float until know how to swim freestyle. I’m incredible a fast learner according to my friend. He is very keen to look someone to join him swim every week. Since I’m free and want to learn something new, that’s the result.

Once a week isn’t enough for me as I’d strong initiative to learn. Just throw me in the water, I will know how to get used to it. Woo hoo … I hope swimming pool build next to my house.

As usual, I went to gym to keep my fitness level up to certain level. I still need the facilities to maintain my body shape and so on. Recently, I’d ended my 2 years 8 months membership with Fitness First and joined California Fitness @ Menara Stan Chart. I took 3 years membership bonding and it’s worth to maintain my fitness.

Far and foremost, year 2007 ended with a lot of things happened outside my life. My life only cover a little dot out of the entire white paper. Haha. So, I hope you enjoy the boring review above.

I would like to greet everyone who reading my blog, happy new year y2k8. Let your unfinished task or mission bring forward to next year. Let’s make Year 2008, a successful year for yourself. That’s all for now.