2006 Review

tis is gotta to be the lame post, to end all 2006 posts in lame way. not going to be literate like all the previous post. spelling is terrible i can say, as you read on. don’t read la, later u angry don’t blame me…i had warned you. really rubbish post…look around myself make me wonder, how much changes i had made this year? wat changes i had successfully made? tell me la….u guys. okay..look upon this year, in january, i joined a trip…wait..it’s not actually. even though a simple trip which doesn’t make everybody happy or i can say stupid trip..no no no.. it’s not reach the stupidity yet.

then, when i stare around my room, i hate it. u know what? it’s messy. even i put my things properly, it just made me think that something wrong. wtf..what’s wrong then??? i hate the color, green wall doesn’t likely to suit my taste. i wanted blue…create cold effect gua. let see which blue i should choose. then i found that the wood tiles of my room floor is simply outdated. dust always collected at the edge of my room. hate hate hate. okay…forked out few hundreds to buy new tiles to cover the floor. my father is so keng…he know how to put the floor tiles, so he done everything with no any charge. okay la…belanja him a dinner..haha. so, after this, chinese new year is coming….i hate when there is no place to put my snack food. gosh…even some drinks need to squeeze into fridge…wtf.

i suggest my parent to get a new fridge…must at least my height. but too big for them…haha…6 feet fridge is enough big. budget has set…so voila…new fridge in the kitchen. they decided to keep the old one for wet food. visit port klang during chinese new year…bo liao…but wat to do…nbtd…so we just drive to port klang to see ppl take the boat to pulau ketam. gosh….jealous.

at the same time, i decided to make family bbq….no guest invited..only family members.. 6 ppl at total. Eat n eat…and grills. so much fun…hahaha. at least ease my boringness during cny festival. damn boring. after cny, u know la..is valentine day..sigh…another boring event…my friend ask me for speed dating…aiyo..dun wan la. okay..then i suggest to pick orange la…he agreed. we do our own speed dating. although it’s fun…but actually, it’s just too early to judge one ppl. not going to work. bla bla bla.

yo…my last module completed…so it’s time to do something to my career….being thought of resign..but suddenly, the university need to do evaluation and delay a little bit. macibai…my resignation plan also delay lo. ARGGGGG…….so tension..cuz most of ppl around me know it…and i couldn’t prove to them…made me bluffing onli. okay..it’s time to apply more credit card. i attracted with free gifts and they said i had qualified..so try lo. one come one and total of five cc..i say wtf i m going to use all these? pokai lo.

gosh…my sister broke up with her bf….and so unhappy. suggest going langkawi..i bear the cost…hope to cheer her up..so whole family went out for this trip. went back with huge spent…mostly in chocolate..wtf..i dun eat brownish things. spotted the adv in newspaper…decided to take challenge of the marathon. wanna test how far my stamina has gone..run and okay..completed…plan for going next year… company sent out mail…bukit tabur hiking..i wonder it’s another new challenge..give a try…opss…can wo..voila. hehehe.

my long awaited mp3 player….arggg..being mentioned this so long already since 2003. finally..sony walkman player 1gb. damn…take so long to get this while only take a month to decide to buy a 40k car..aiyo. really can’t expect i can go for the event of the year..treasure hunt…hunt for prizes or hunt for princess? can’t go actually cuz colleague ffk me last minute and got ppl already boycott me this time. i dunno…it’s just out of my expectation. who know, and i dun even give a thought of it. they just push me out and luckily someone adopt me to their team. they did the same during annual dinner too. damn..since nobody want me to stay…so i leave.

ex-colleague invited me to a famosa trip. okay, he get a family studio room for free…total of 8 ppl. okay fine. let’s go. company sent me for iSeries training. it’s compulsary after joined them for 1 year plus. good, at least help a bit in my career later. another memorable moment where my feeling has been exposed to someone….she urged me, although i prefer to keep myself. okay…a long story then. after a sad moment, i finally waken up by a happy news. SIU has issued out my cert oledi..yooooo…finally. move on move on…..to ur ambition dex!! another headache again…been in the courtship of this girl, for 6 months, and nothing comes to conclusion when it’s time for me to take decision, think of someone has influence my decision. her existence has told me what i want. realized what i need in my life. what i should treasure. what i should achieve. what i should appreciate. in the meantime, i help my friend to buy new PC, Pentium D PC. okay, i had long time never help to buy PC…although i am geek myself…i found myself a bit lack of catch-up. my sista suggest me to change look, ok, all the time i manage to reduce fat around waist, n increase body muscle. again, ex-colleague got free room at genting. okay la..since recently got so many unhappy thing happen.

annual dinner and dance 2006 strike again. quite happy and carefree since i oledi made my own decision to leave and that’s all…just leave it all behind. may the day be better in future. supervisor wanted me to take block leave in nov. indeed i’m the last person in my team to take this compulsory leave. sigh..boring. bbq at danny house. big crowd of ppl joining. busy helping and do the house core work. it’s oledi late when i get back. she follow too, but i really worry she’s going back alone.

light of hope start appear…feel good..speechless…just pray for my fate. share someone my hope n my dream. YES. it comes true finally. thx someone 4 the support..i noe u r working on it.

FRIM canopy walk…just fine…another activity to noe more frenz. at the same time can feel how good is team relationship of my future colleague.

normally i will do housekeeping of my PC every end of year…and i found that i desperately needed one more hard disk for my backup-ing purpose. so..there is…whooping 120gb 2’5 hd. far and foremost, i would greet everyone reading my blog, happy new year 2k7. Forward ur dream to next year if u still unable to make ur dream comes true. you will see me in new packaging, probably..how it’s going i also dunno.