2005 Review

Sorry, I have been busi-ness in this few weeks. Several things need me to clear up before I could make myself better at this end of year. First of all, the reason why I stopped blog for a month because of the delay for the pictures Port Dickson trip. In fact, the pictures are not with me now.

They haven’t give me the pictures in their digicam (before I bought Z520i, I just digicam-less, and depends on them). This is really bad. All the good pictures are with them. So, I can’t blog that trip. Haizzzz..

Gotta wait till next time, probably after Melaka trip (schedule on 2nd Jan 2006). Hope they take the promise seriously. As you can see how bad it was when you don’t own yourself a digicam and relying on others.

Second thing is my studies. My part time studies nearly completed by this month, and finally completed (grade not yet out) on 18th Dec 05 after the final exam. This studies took me 2 years and 3 months, an incredibly long.

What can do. Informatics ma!! Luckily they don’t cheat me like what my 2nd year route ended in Aug 2003. This final year, even took longer, at least finished at last. This is important, allowing me to decide my next career ladder after this.

Third thing is upgrading myself in every aspect. It’s randomly from wardrobe to gadgets that I wish to buy. The list has to go on and on. It’s too long to listed here, but I try to blog each item that I bought next time. LOL.

Yesterday I went to IKEA at Mutiara Damansara to bought somethings on Christmas. It was a very nice outlet. Everytime I visiting there, I will give them a good thumb on their carpark area. Very clean and tidy, plus shiny a little bit.

I hardly see any rubbish or any water mark on the road (it look like rubber mat road). LOL.