Cuti Malaysia Y2k9


This year MATTA Fair ended with glory and achievement. It was held at PWTC again as normal. This fair is purpose cater for peoples with aim of travelling. It’s a good place to look for good deals of vacation.

Lets cut it short, I went to the fair twice this time. Entrance fees is RM3 for adult. For me, it was FREE due to I’m MATTA card holder.

I booked my Perhentian Island trip for next month and pre-booking Kota Kinabalu Mountain Hiking trip at the end of year. I don’t think having a good deal for my package due to it’s not cheap for twin sharing holiday especially on public holiday. But then, I’m glad to have such wonderful holiday in these popular island and hill.

Year Y2K9 doesn’t look like a visit malaysia year when the world economy is plunging down. However, it’s different for local tourism. It’s still booming with peoples looking for cheap and simple tour. AirAsia airfare are still getting cheaper with no fuel surcharge , hence bringing down the price tremendously.

For myself, I’m still continue with my crazy plan to show my support to local tourism. My list to many places around Malaysia is keep growing, from simple waterfall to complicated of island.

Let’s see my grand plan for 2009:

  • Mountain/Hill – Tabur hill – Bukit Tinggi – Desaru – Cameron Highlands – Taman Negara – Fraser Hill – Gunung Mulu / Niah Caves – Mt Kinabalu Trail
  • Waterfall – Sg.Gabai – Sg.Congkak – Kota Tinggi Waterfall – TRAP
  • Park – KL Bird Park – Butterfly Park – National Zoo – Taman Pertanian – Kuala Selangor Nature Park – Bukit Melawati – Batu Caves – Sunway Lagoon – Safari Lagoon Water Theme Park – Wet World Water Park – KL Tower – Science Centre – SkyTrek @ Agricultural Park (Taman Pertanian) – KLCC Aquaria/Petrosains
  • Island – Lumut – Perhentian – Tioman – Kenyir – Pangkor – Morib – Carey – Port Dickson – Langkawi
  • Farm – Desaru
  • Town – Putrajaya

Besides, I’m going to participate Treasure Hunt 2009 on this coming April 18 and looking forward for more adventure activity such as Stan Chart Marathon 2009 on 28 June.

Let’s see how it’s goes for the next year.

Steamboat @ Manjalara


A popular steamboat restaurant at Manjalara, Kepong. Me and the entire colleague team went for ‘makan-makan’ (eating) in conjunction with Chinese New Year atmosphere. The cost per person is RM14, a very standard price for most of the steamboat eateries.

Seafood and vegetables are so fresh as what you look in the picture below.

Maybe the color is cheating you but the fresh feel is real.

Sate is one of the popular food in Malaysia, especially in Kajang. Good taste when eat together with sauce, cucumber and onion slices.

Girl group, don’t know why since when taking pictures also like this, can’t mix one. I thought lunch only practicing such way. Sigh.

Guys group, actually we have gender equality finally, compare to the time I joined which is 1:5 ratio.

After steamboat dinner, all of us went to Aaron’s house for mahjong and poker.

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2009


DeXXy.Net is wishing everybody “Gong Xi Fa Cai” and prosperous year in this Cow Year.  I’ll be back to elder uncle house for reunion dinner as usual. Chinese people take Chinese New Year very seriously, particularly a big family re-union and the food is always the most important. This has been practise since I was born.

Tomorrow morning, again we all will be gather at uncle house for early lunch in the morning to wish each other Gong Xi Fa Cai and receive red packet. Soon after that, we start our personal visiting to others.

It’s a tradition that we all still practicing until now.

Snippet 210109


Badminton Closed 2008/09

A happening weekend with my colleagues last Saturday. I was having a tournament @ The Challenger Sport Centre in the morning. The match is like normal training match. I don’t feel pressure as I just play with my heart. My passionate is still there. It was a knock out game and quite satisfactory with my performance even I didn’t win.

With participation of RM10, I’m entitled with a T-shirt and 2 meals for the day. If I manage to win, I have to play on Sunday as well. Then, 4 meal included. In fact, it was heavily sponsor by the club. Worth it right?

The Challenger Sport Centre

The court is quite nice and clean. I play at this centre every Sat with my usual gang. All of us have improvement since the first day. I trained with them before I go for match that day. It’s a surprise that I manage to cope with my endless energy! Thanks to my regular training at California Centre.

After match, me and Teh decided to give a visit a career fair with Jian and MK. We reached there at 4.30pm.

MCTF 2009 by

It’s quite effective to look after a job in this fair and able to learn what’s hot in the market. The market for professional worker is on high demand. Engineering and specialist seems to be dominate the entire fair.

We wandered around the mall as CNY is coming nearer, we wish to buy something for ourselves. Jian got bring digicam, so we took photos along the outing.

MidValley Chinese New Year decoration is superb. I haven’t go for others yet, but I believe each of them got their own attraction. We tried to go each of the outlet and departmental store but yet found nothing to buy.

We all go back after the dinner at Ipoh Chicken Rice shop. A simple weekend yet happening and remembered.

Y2k9 Happening


Happy 2009. Welcome to the first day of the year. First post here.  A hope, a future, a plan and an achievement. I foresee myself will continue to put effort in career, health, relationship and traveling.

My last year resolution will be continue this year. In some aspect, I will do to bring up my level and continue to pursue for result. So, you will see some “Advance” resolution here.

Year 2009 Happening

  1. Continue to put effort in love relationship
  2. Continue to communicate well with various level of people
  3. Continue to participate as many as possible sport events
  4. Start to invest into higher yield return saving
  5. Continue to put higher quality of lifestyle
  6. Continue to excel in career planning in term of project involvement
  7. Continue my crazy planned trips all over my calendar.

Simple right? Yes, it does simple but then its require a lot of thought and time to make it success. Okay, lets elaborate here.

  1. In Year 2008, I met a girl that loves me so much and so do I. To further on, I’m aiming high on this relationship and will make myself towards a family planning in 2 years time.
  2. In Year 2008, I manage to upgrade myself in term of my thought and how I communicate with people. I learn in my support role. I hope to extend it in project management area which is the key of successful business.
  3. In Year 2008, I couldn’t believe I participate various physical challenges that required me to complete it within 15km. I would continue to pursue such event as many as possible to bring up myself in stamina. I hope to maintain my fit body. I’d to lose 4 more kgs to get an ideal body. I lost from 87kg to 84kg this year.
  4. In Year 2008, managing debt is driving me nuts. Last year debt is still hanging around and hardly reduce. Thanks for my recent purchases of big stuffs. My financial status remain as per last year. So, my aim next year is to reduce into zero debt and reduce my credit card collection. Even though I manage to invest in Amanah Saham, however, it’s still doesn’t reflect my debt enough. Hopefully I could start my investment plan by next year.
  5. In Year 2008, I didn’t improve much of my quality life. I hope to make something different this year. Lets see.
  6. In Year 2008, I finally expose into project as members. As the chances to get into project more higher, I’d to prepare myself before hand. I’ll start my studies in MBA next year. Estimated completion time is 3 years.I do not deny the possibility of getting new job if opportunities come.
  7. In Year 2008, I had slow down in my traveling. However, I’ll buck up and again planned all over my calendar with  many trips within Malaysia.

Yo! How about yours?

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