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It was another colleague’s last day, Simon, exactly one week after BabyFace. He is also move forward to his career path and bright prospect in other MNC company. He was so lucky to join that company due to opportunity given is great and enjoyable.

Simon’s last day in office (a.k.a 25 guy)

If you didn’t know what is ‘25 guy‘ means, try to translate to Cantonese. He prays to Guy 25 a lot and due to the frequent ‘fly planes‘ from him around us, he was being labelled as FK Wong as well.

So coincidentally, there’s a full moon celebration at office on that day. We get free lunch then.


Tsim Tung @ Pandan Indah


In conjunction to her birthday, I took her for a dinner at Tsim Tung that night. Wait…please do not confuse with Tsim Tung located at Hong Kong but at Pandan Indah.

20 August 2009

Tsim Tung Restaurant is an eatery similar to Hong Kong style. I’m fine with any style offered, so it goes well for me that night.


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WE made it again! After few weeks of BBQ, we come again with Pot Luck! It was organized and executed by us and very successful. Same place, same time and same group of peoples.

Pot Luck @ MK’s House

17 July 2009

MK was so kind to allow us to make this ‘makan-makan’ party at his house. We were so joy. We make our responsibility to bring different food & drink separately.

It’s all started at office. At 4.45pm, we ‘cabut’ at sharp-sharp to hypermarket to buy groceries needed. For whom that responsible for home cook quickly went back home to take it.


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Our colleague, TehKT a.k.a BabyFace has left us behind and move forward to his own path. He has been with us for 9 months plus and decided to move on to better and assuring place.

Teh’s Last Day (a.k.a BabyFace)

15 July 2009

His last day in office was rather happening with all those funny poses for our DSLR camera (Sony A320) owned by Simon. While taking our memories, he also tested his camera. Here are the outcomes.


Steamboat @ Manjalara


A popular steamboat restaurant at Manjalara, Kepong. Me and the entire colleague team went for ‘makan-makan’ (eating) in conjunction with Chinese New Year atmosphere. The cost per person is RM14, a very standard price for most of the steamboat eateries.


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