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My new ‘sword’ in the battleground. Yes! I finally purchased a new racket, Apacs Nano 9990 after 3 years stick with Yonex Carbonex 8000.

Apacs Nano 9990

Oval head … for Nano 9990 means for sharp smash & power hitting/return to the opponent. Switchboard is small can enhance concentration of power & Energy on the shuttle. This type of racket is suitable for well-trained & professional type. this type!


Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Y2k10


As a traveler of myself, I’m always aim for affordable and bargain-priced trip. My last year travel & trip indeed a fantastic one. I’ve gone to many places, no matter far or near, big or small, simple or difficult, all came with wonderful experiences and memories.

MATTA Fair 2010

Thanks to the MATTA Fair event, I managed to plan many trip successfully. This coming MATTA Fair 2010 is also promised a lot of bargain and even better deal for traveler after recovering year 2009 economy. It will be held in this coming 12 – 14 March 2010 @ PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre).

So far it’s the best travel fairs in Malaysia which you’ll be able to find for a fantastic holiday packages and great bargains.

With a given wrist band to wear when you pay for RM3 entrance fees, you’re entitled for a whole day fair (walk-in/out). If you’re MATTA credit card holder issued by EON Bank, you will get 2 entrance fees for FREE. The opening time is from 10am – 9am. So expected big crowd would be after lunch hour until 6pm.


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Hope you have a wonderful birthday dinner, Christy. Age is just a number. Some may say 20s is good, it shows young and energetic, but for you it’s a golden time and new chapter of life. You’re considered energetic and matured, not over matured. You have better feeling and views in most of the things.

7th February 2010

A day to remember … each of us

Anyway, Happy Birthday!! We arranged this out of surprise for her on that night. It was wonderful, warmth and sweet dinner. Due to her too busy with work CNY preparation, she was almost forget about her BIG day.


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Barely a week after the new year countdown, it was a birthday party plan for Andrew. He is one of my new kaki (member) in my last theme park trip. This party organized in so sudden and we all have been assigned a task to contribute.

Andrew’s Birthday Party

10 January 2010

Welcome to 30’s Club … woohoo hoo.

These balloons were represent us. We planned, we surprised him and we made it finally. Quite simple but enough to keep us busy. We played a song for him to made him feel touched. We ordered and bought lots of delicious food while she made a red tainted eggs and cheese cake.

FYI, she really put a lot of effort & energy to give him a memorable dinner. I never seen such of her so energetic in doing something hopefully to make him feel good. We had so much fun and let the pictures do the talk here.


Maxis Reward Booklet 3


I wasn’t sure when I joined this Maxis One Club, but it has been quite a while since I got this reward booklet. I guess I haven’t fully utilized this voucher offered to me and it had been expired today. Well, it’s not bad to get this booklet often to see what the best can offer.

Maxis One Club – Your Rewards, Your Privileges

This Maxis One Club Special have some vacations, dining, shopping and health beauty gift vouchers. It’s a privileges and rewards for members like me for almost ten years.

Only recent years ago, I’d subscribed those postpaid plan, Family Plus plan which really benefited me in the long run. I’ve saved a lot, due to this package, I’m considering to get higher package as my monthly usage has exceeded RM110. Perhaps to consider iPhone plan? I’m still thinking after few months since their launching. Sigh.

Thanks Maxis for the great service offered.

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