Y2k10 Happening


Happy 2010. This is a combination of Review 2009 and 2010 Resolution post that I usually wrote for few years back.

Happy New Year 2010

First post of the year, here I comes. When comes to talk about my resolution, it was giving me some sense of achievement. I felt myself grow better in relationship, career, health and even socializing. Traveling and trips were as crazy as you would guess. Yea, almost every 2 weeks got event or places to go until I can’t keep track what I did in past months. Just have a time to check it out what’s happening here.

In Year 2010, I set myself achieving greater control of my life, pursuing my dream and setting my life target for me to achieve. It’s not a year or two to accomplish, but few years efforts.


X’Mas Gingerbread Village


Gingerbread is almost forgotten nowadays. Most of the shopping complex hardly spotted gingerbread this year. I managed to spot them at KLCC as a main theme but they do not sell anything related to them.

Finally I found a place that having Gingerbread as their main theme. That is Leisure Mall.

Merry X’mas from Gingerbread Village

25 December 2009

Believe it or not, it was the last day when I found this. I’m not aware until I saw other people taken with them. Initially I was thought only big shopping mall is going to have it, that’s why I continuously looking around for it. My endless energy do not comes any result until I saw this at Leisure Mall.


God-Dem Singalong Session


Our Chui Shui Group founder a.k.a Assterro organized one of the god-damn session @ K-Oke outlet. As he has become one of our legendary figure, his sign is still as strong as ever. Our great bonding has brought on this kind of event…No Eyes See!!

God-Dem Singalong Session – Who cares?

This was like unforgettable event for him, more than what he can remember. Thanks to famous offline photographer, Kevin Loh, who captivated this fabulous contents for our next genesis to see…Haizz. No Eyes See!

We have 14 members for this session. All are having equal ability to create chaos … such a chaos that thumb of rules were not allowed. But as what stated in the beginnning, Who Cares? Let’s rules here!!! YO YO YO!!!

No Eyes See?? I don’t think so…


Snippet 170909


One after another, it’s time for our ‘Son of God‘ AKA Chui Shui’s founder cum Astro channel to leave us for his own career path. It’s all started since he joined us 10 months ago. Due to the similarity hobbies and common easy-going attitude, we managed to bond a series of GREAT outing together until he become a legend among us.

WMK’s Last Day (a.k.a Son of God)

He has his own humor based characteristics and keep entertaining us all the time at workplace. Due to that, we also entertaining him for our good sake.

Nevertheless, before he goes, he managed to form Chui Shui Group. So far, two round of activities have been completed and upcoming at G.Highlands is being plan for members.


Snippet 120809


Again! I’m registered for this event for 2nd year. The fifth edition was promised to step up with a “Zero Waste” concept in order to encourage public to recycle the resources in nature.

The adrenalin rush of adventure racing on the trail at the scenic Awana Genting Highland is what making me to participate with my partner again. It’s very similar to the Eco-Challenge that I joined earlier. The only different is I managed to get another 3 pairs to join me together for the challenge.

I enrolled into “Adventures” category for the same 14km track and same grueling obstacles (you may check out my previous  year G.Trailblazer 2008 post) by paying only RM361 (early bird registration).

The most awaiting event is waiting me on 1st November 2009. See you there. Quick quick register OK or visit

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