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It was caught unaware, it has been first half year of 2010. My resolution still intact with my objective. I’ve yet to review my achievement on personal life, however, looking at my blog performance, things have turned out quite good and surprising.

18th months of DeXXy.Net

June 2010

Starting a blog is pretty easy. Maintaining is well time effort. But getting the result is what a worth and satisfying a the end. Hence my blog has bringing me to another level of satisfaction. Few posts would held accountable, but over 150 posts can say as impressive this moment.


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Barely after a year since we had our God-Dem Singalong Session, this year was turn out rather cheerless. Our God’s Son AKA Chui Shui’s founder is no longer the best-selling anymore. This fallen devil has slowly come out and enfolds all things together. His existing ASSTERO channel is still kicking alive as ever, thanks to all his queens.

A day of out of focus 3 + 1 year’s old man

22 May 2010

The recent departure from his highly reputable company due to wrap up, had at least brought down his egoistic by nature. The significant downward point of what-so-ever Son-of-God, overrated popularity of Chui Shui’s founder in the past, has affected the future of ASSTERO channel to be function effectively.

I believe the Asstero signal has deteriorated over the time. One of the channel wok has gone far away to the lion country.

Now, he got no power to control and far less ability to take care of his Chui Shui Empire. He gradually earned lesser attention and become insignificant over the time. That’s how we called The Fallen of Chui Shui’s era of Year 2010.


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The day has finally arrived. It’s Love Mi Concert 2010 at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. My first concert that I really bought ticket and watch it. I bought this ticket very early, with entitled 10% discount and early bird. To escape the crowd, we decided on Friday’s concert.

Sammi Cheng Love Mi Concert @ Genting Arena of Stars

March 2010

The ticket cost me RM128 with PS3 sitting, means the first row on first level, but located in corner. That’s the reason my focus was on left corner. She was just too far for me to look her better. Not even in the center. Next time please no more side seat. Die-die must in centre, no matter how high the seat.

My group consists of four people included me. We booked a room at Awana Genting and drove up to the concert that night. It’s so convenient to stay overnight especially the concert is expected to end at 11pm. We watched until the end, the encore. She turned out, instead of continue to free style sing, she called us to go back. Disappointment plus some high expectation wasn’t met after all.


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The Digital Camera, Imaging and Media Show 2010 (DCIM 2010), Malaysia’s biggest and most comprehensive photography and imaging exhibition. Featuring Canon and Panasonic as the Pinnacle Sponsors and Nikon, Leica and Samsung as the Main Sponsors, DCIM Show 2010 will take place at Hall 2 and 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur from 14 to 16 May 2010.

Digital Camera.Imaging.Media 2010

14 – 16 May 2010

This is my first year visiting this event even though it back for second year running. The place is not as big as in KLCC and PWTC, but the booths are pack with booth selling various accessories, technology and also services. The event is well pack with various show and lucky draw. Needless to say, other than things related to digital form, there was a booth offering make-up service, APT Professional Team. I wasn’t sure what’s going on because I just passed through without glance further.

Nikon and Canon booth are quite aggressive with services and product selling. Promoter wouldn’t pressure to buy, instead willing to give tips on selecting lens and some professional advise. Needless to say, it was a quite good experience chatting with them and exchanging ideas.

Well, I managed to purchase a very important things that I wanted so long. It’s 35mm, f1.8 lens. Voila! From now on, I can venture into portrait photography even further with my new lens.


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One by one … at last her turn is coming finally. Talking like speaker, waiting like ages … now no more, she walk the talk. She get blessed, after a long worry after seen one by one left in prideful.

ah-T Farewell Dinner with ex-DC

3 April 2010

A night without blossom indeed blissful with a colorful food on table. A hot plate with a bowl of soup boiling shows a warming treats from us together. A table of 11 peoples gathered to enjoy an aromatic bowl of mixed junkies. For those who unable to join, were presented her some gifts and blessing message.

At 7.30pm, we started boiling our steamboat soup. About an hour late to start even our Pilot Wong has reached earlier among all of us at 6.30pm. Salute. Keep it up and we will drop your honorable title. Hehe.


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