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Here is a simple farewell event @ Sakae Sushi after few months of silent. A friend of ex-colleague has become my ex-colleague so sudden and this few months have been a fruitful months for us.

The Moment to Remember

14 Oct 2010

What is the reason behind this? Because we joined in a same school called S.R.J.K (C) H0ng Le0ng. She came to school punctual, went out for lunch sharp-sharp after bell ringing and back on time. She always listened to teacher speech and when she naughty, she get scolded. And all these while, she was patiently wait for her turn to graduate soon.

Her most proud accomplishment was established the Gossip Club and become as President called Mz Taofu Mui. We have only 3 members to support the club when we lunch together. She called herself as Taofu Mui because she has a family called Taofu Clan in her department. They are Taofu Mug, Taofu Fah, Taofu Mah and so on.


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Indeed, it was a special day marked on 20.08.10. It happens once a year. I hold this important date without her knowledge. The weeknight was hold upon for us only. Why I had chosen Pavilion? Let you guess a guess …

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Pavilion

20 August 2010

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, yet another franchise eatery similar to Hong Kong style that I choose to get acquainted with. Stepping in for early dinner proved to be better because the crowd has yet kicking in.

Thankfully, we secured a good place facing outside view. The restaurant was average-lit and well-ventilated with blaring air-conditioners. The restaurant have few type of table which some tables are noticeably placed closer to each other. Side glass wall table usually best for couple.

For birthday patron, we got to enjoy the whole bucket of Ice Tea or Yin Yong Nai Cha which was too big for us. Too qualified for this you have to meet the certain criteria. I didn’t order the big meal or their signature cheese baked rice, just ordinary meal suit to our appetite that night.


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My this year birthday celebration was out of my expectation. It was organized together with farewell event. Haiz. Save cost. But, I got few celebration separately with other friends which made me feel so special.

B-day … oh … B-day

23 April 2010

I got one from dear LL and another one from dearest khakis. My khakis took me to sing-K at Green Box. Again, I was so hyper when comes to K-oke. Haha. Other than this, I received Papago GPS as my most expensive birthday present from LL and USB drive from DarkOne.


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Well, you must be wondering something. Yes, it was a backdated post which I almost forgotten. A humble, low, minor, modest but sizeable ah-Lun was celebrating her very own birthday cum farewell dinner. It was a remarkable dinner where everyone tried to make it long lasting in memory, at least with her.

Lun Lun (Farewell + Birthday) Dinner

16 April 2010

Good or not, it was come so sudden. She moved out from KL and report at Lion city to work. A short notice given to insignificant gangs while her Asstero Gang was a way earlier informed. No doubt, things that come last minutes was always be messy. At least with us. LOL.

We had a dinner at PJ Seafood restaurant @ Tropicana. This place wasn’t that impressive after all.


Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia Y2K10


Traveling is always my aim of the whole year, whether long or short distance, budget or affordable, easy or tough and small or big group, all came together with good satisfaction and fun.

Upcoming MATTA Fair 2010

3 – 5 September 2010

MATTA Fair second edition for the year is going near at 3-5 September 2010 soon offered a year-end sale package to all travelers. My aim this coming fair is to plan for year trip as well as obtain information for tentative trip.

Since economy is start showing some positive figure, it drives tourism industry to the grow as well. I expect many travel agencies start throwing cheap packages out to attract people to buy it even without full deposit. A minimal booking fees is required to secure the package price.

My upcoming traveling list has been revised half-yearly to keep track where am I going and progress in completing my list. Those who seek short holiday may find it useful and informative.

Travel Plan for year Q2/2010 and 2011 ahead.

Places Budget Costly Near Far Easy Tough Small Big
Butterfly Park
Waterpark (Sunway /Desa)
Science Centre
KLCC Aquaria/Petrosains
Sg Congkak
Fraser Hill (Pahang)
Gunung Tok Wan (Selangor)
Gelanggi Cave
Kellie Castle
Tambun Lost World
Lata Kinjang
Perhentian Island Challenge
Krabi (Thailand)
Penang Quest & Food Hunt 2010
Endau-Rompin National Park
Mt Kinabalu Mesilau Trail 2011
Mt Bromo (Indonesia)

As planned, my Gunung Mulu National Park trip has been completed successfully and posted. It doesn’t stop here, my upcoming mountain trip has extended to Indonesia, with Mt Bromo tour on next year March. And the list of over obsessed with nature exploring will not slowing down and keep growing.

Let’s see my completed trip for first half of year 2010.

  • Mountain/Hill – Saga/Apek Hill | Gasing Hill | Bukit Tinggi | Tabur Hill (East) | Mulu Caves & Pinnacles | Mt Irau | Mt Nuang
  • Island – Ketam Island
  • Waterfall – Rainbow Waterfall | Pandan Waterfall | Kanching Waterfall
  • Park – National Zoo | Taman Pertanian Malaysia | Putrajaya

Apart from this, I have completed few marathon such as KL Marathon and Siemens Run 10K. My upcoming Perhentian Challenge and Penang Bridge Marathon are in progress of planning.

Anyway, let’s see how it goes for this second half year. I shall update again by end of year.

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