A minor revamp on DeXXy.Net


ONE year had passed unnoticeable. Neither myself nor my reader still remember me ever stopped writing for such long period ever since this blog started. Working life has consumed 80% of my time, leaving me struggling with my limited personal time.

1 Jan 2012 | Minor changes of DeXXy.NET

Leisure activity was still going on but at slower pace.

I’ll be taking my sweet time from now onwards to catch up with posts and updates here. Stay tune and thank you for supporting this blog continuously.

Coffee Bean @ Genting Highland


We have successfully concluded our YAMCHAR session @ high altitude, shooting out from our usual location around KL & PJ.

14 May 2011 | Coffee Bean @ Genting Highland

My Khaki has successfully organized a session for its member. A golden meeting met its target. A fruitful outcome has been achieved. This was an awesome plan. Isn’t it, wahai my Khaki’s member?

Yamchar is not an unfamiliar term for us. It has been concluded in many places but Chui Shui’s station is still our main place twice a month, average count yea.


CNY 2011


Quite some years I didn’t write on Chinese New Year‘s post. I’m back this year with self-fulfilling on such important event in Chinese calendar.

3 – 4 Feb 2011 | Happy Chinese New Year 2011

It’s a Rabbit Year in year 2011. A year with good wealth coming in, good health maintaining on and good relationship to continue foster.

Despite the age, the way of celebrating CNY is different from 10 years back or even 20 years back. I’m no longer seeing myself jumping up and down for this festival. Instead, I’m playing a different role in this festival itself.

Counting down is no longer part of me because having to count 10 … 1 is really nothing better to do. Firecracker still sounding around my ears but lesser this year. Don’t know why. Many are focusing on gathering, get-together and mix-up during this festival. Gathering has become easier with Facebook nowadays.

First two days normally reserved for family and relatives while the rest will be friends and social network gathering. Not forgetting the Angpow from those were married uncle and aunties. Even friends who married are not excluded from giving angpow. Hey, here I come. Huat ah!

Kong Hei Fatt Choy to all my DeXXy.Net readers and fan.

Have a prosperous and happiness year in Rabbit Year.

2010-11 Cross Over Resolution


Happy 2011. First post of the year. It’s time to reveal my resolutions for this year. In my previous year, I set few general resolutions and this year won’t be any exception. To be frank, my intuition told me that hopes, future, achievements, satisfactions and fulfillment this year can be achieve. How about you?

1.1.2011 | Happy New Year 2011

Effort and concise plan will be focus on my mid-career, healthy body & mind, relationship and traveling as beginning of year 2011. An extend of degree resolution is set to be achieve in pride. Try to always look for greater achievement, more far than you can expect.

Always hold on with belief attitude to get something done more immensely.

Let’s me start with my Y2k11 resolutions before I recall my Y2k10 past.


Snippet 241010


An unforgotten day for DarkOne, as it says, darkness shall prevail until the judgement day. It held in the dark of bistro + brewpub at Tropicana Mall.

24 Oct 2010 | DarkOne’s awaken @ Royal Thai

To show how strong our bonding is, our group picture proved them all. One year plus apart from common empire, while some went to shade under different land with same ruler, we all have one common ideologies, that’s condemned the fallen empire ruling.

A night without prolong time and a busy week had occupied most of us. Hence, we were only able to make it on Sunday night which is obviously not a favor from anyone of us.


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