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Post-note of Year 2018


This post is about to close Year 2018. No fancy summary like what I did in the past. Just short one below.

31.12.2018 | Goodbye 2018 & Happy New Year 2019


Looking back my past, my enthusiasm in blogging started from nowhere. With photography in mind, I’m actually started with a travel blog and set it up under 30 minutes. It’s gotten a lot easier than when I started my blog in 2008 when I quite knowledgeable about making a website.


2013-14 Cross Over Resolution


Year 2014 is marking a completely new journey in my life. Would anyone say “Life start at 30”? It’s a BIG YES for me.

1.1.2014 | Happy New Year 2014

DeXXy.Net is still impressively performed well. I’ve long abandoned my lovely bloggie but Google never gave up and bringing more visitor here. A unique visitor daily now hit at 1,500 daily.

I admit many events in my life were not updated here. I wished I could have done it in one shot for ALL backlog. I vow to make more posts to keep my reader informed via new powerful social media updates platform integration.

In year 2014, I’ll bring it closer to utilized social media integration.

What I’m focusing in year 2014? As a responsible person in my own, I’m now prioritizing family, financial, career and health more than anything else.


2012-13 Cross Over Resolution


010113 … where are we? We’d passed the remarkable and most talked topic of the earth, the END OF WORLD. Today is new whole world NEW YEAR, a year of beginning for everyone. Be grateful and appreciate what we have, as it’ll be gone one day.

01.01.13 | Happy New Year 2013

A year of 2013 seems to be a digital year for me. Everything in my life shall goes digital. A big change over the human interaction via digital platform. Owning a tablet and a smartphone is not a big WOW nowadays. My resolution shall goes to digital way. I see things in ‘0’ and ‘1’ now. Haha.

Time for resolution, a brand new presentation for year 2013 while looking back what I’ve done in previous year resolution. General resolution does work, but precisely must be achievable.

A big leap for myself. I’m a married man now. However, it’s still can be concisely put in such old manner, career, family, health, financial and entertainment. A different degree of way to look into it, far beyond of what I’ve set last year.

Many thought of, I shall look upon greater of both of our sides, advantages and mutual respect for each of steps we plan to carry on. It’s no longer one person affair.

But things can be personal and residing at myself, let’s start with my Y2k13 resolutions below. I shall carry on with my Y2K12 achievements afterward.


CNY 2012


A brand new year post for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. As per my write-up in my year 2012 resolution, it was pretty hectic and self-fulling year for myself.

23 – 24 Jan 2012 | Gong Xi Fa Chai 2012

From the picture above, this year is belong to Dragon year. A year of symbolizing good fortune and intense power. Dragon is said to be a deliverer of fortune and authority, hence for those born in Dragon years are to be honored and respected.

I’m 29 years old this year, a meaningful year to keep on receiving red packet from elderly and those married. Many were expecting me to start giving out next year, means cash flow will be flowing out. I should get as many as I can this year from those married friend, associates and partner.

Rabbit year has seen myself progressing much in preparing my another life stage. Prosperity came to me in getting a property and capital for my business as well as future prospect career. Thanks Rabbit for making my year so meaningful.

I’ve total of 9 days leave for CNY 2012, hence a lot of plans getting on for the whole week. Pardon for less updates about my recent trips because I’ve giving many hours to perform my responsibilities this year.

Wish my readers, Kong Hee Fatt Chai and visitors a very good prosperous year.

2011-12 Cross Over Resolution


01.01.12 … marks an equally important post in DeXXy.Net. Have you set your resolutions for year 2012? Good presentation of your resolutions will make things more achievable. Don’t you agree?

3 Jan 2012 | Happy New Year 01.01.12

A man’s vision can be concisely put in such easy way, notably career, family, health, financial and entertainment. To attain those, my resolutions must have a strong degree of relationship between them.

A greater shall look upon myself to get something done better than last year even though something must be loosen up a bit to get others go through.

Let’s me start with my Y2k12 resolutions before I recall back my Y2k11 achievements.


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