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X’Mas Gingerbread Village


Gingerbread is almost forgotten nowadays. Most of the shopping complex hardly spotted gingerbread this year. I managed to spot them at KLCC as a main theme but they do not sell anything related to them.

Finally I found a place that having Gingerbread as their main theme. That is Leisure Mall.

Merry X’mas from Gingerbread Village

25 December 2009

Believe it or not, it was the last day when I found this. I’m not aware until I saw other people taken with them. Initially I was thought only big shopping mall is going to have it, that’s why I continuously looking around for it. My endless energy do not comes any result until I saw this at Leisure Mall.


Hilarious Outing @ Genting Highlands


The most hilarious outing organized with the purpose of creating the most valued and enjoyable experiences of the year. It was comprises an overnight at Awana Genting with yummy steamboat and drinking session.

Hilarious Outing a.k.a Chui Shui @ Genting Highlands

7 November 2009

All these won’t be happened without dedicated passion from all members from Chui Shui Group (founder WMK). How hilarious was that?

We made an extra miles to the park for COLD and BREEZE challenges. ALL of us have to order an ice-blender drink from Starbuck, located outside the hotel, and spent few hours in the midnight. We were so different compare to others. How different?

This rule & regulation have to follow and STRICTLY follow by everyone.

  1. Only Short Pants is allowed
  2. Only Short Sleeves is allowed
  3. Only Slipper or Sandal (must see all the toes) is allowed
  4. Only 5 min toilet time for guy and 10 min time for gal.
  5. SMOKING is not allowed (point to WMK aka Chui Shui Group founder)

That’s mean, most people are wearing sweater or long pant at such temperature … but not us. CRAZY oh. 19 degrees some more.


Snippet 201109


Now you see a non-travel related post. It was an outing for three of us @ The Spaghetti Farm, Mid Valley Mall. There seems to be a 2-plus-1 dining joints right, with my first Downhearted model, Nikki Chris Looi.

The Spaghetti Farm

Why did we choose this place for our first ever outing? Our Nikki is a Spaghetti lover. I’m not even aware this new dining place even though I’m frequent visitor here. The name is nice, meant to show their specialization in spaghetti and pasta. Wow…Italians food.

The waiter/waitress were so friendly during my order. I choose the basic meal with drink add on, cost me RM12. As I don’t know which one to choose, all basically same to me, except the color of pasta.


God-Dem Singalong Session


Our Chui Shui Group founder a.k.a Assterro organized one of the god-damn session @ K-Oke outlet. As he has become one of our legendary figure, his sign is still as strong as ever. Our great bonding has brought on this kind of event…No Eyes See!!

God-Dem Singalong Session – Who cares?

This was like unforgettable event for him, more than what he can remember. Thanks to famous offline photographer, Kevin Loh, who captivated this fabulous contents for our next genesis to see…Haizz. No Eyes See!

We have 14 members for this session. All are having equal ability to create chaos … such a chaos that thumb of rules were not allowed. But as what stated in the beginnning, Who Cares? Let’s rules here!!! YO YO YO!!!

No Eyes See?? I don’t think so…


End of the Dark One’s Imprisonment


End of the 10th cycle of the lunar eclipse. In mere human terms, it simply means the end of the 10th month of service for a certain corporation.

End of the Dark One’s Imprisonment – Freedom towards a new career path

20th October 2009

Ahhhh … … … !@#$%

It has been 10 long months since I have been imprisoned in this evil & disastrous unit, stuck in a middle of a restless department. And after serving a painful 3 long months of notice period, the day has finally come to free my soul from this horrible disaster.

Since the Day 1, I, the Dark One, was tricked into a simple ploy to get into a unit filled with sweet promises of bright career path, highly paid salary, attractive remuneration, exciting benefits, you-name-it-we-got-it stuffs.  Initially, it was simply too hard to believe that such attractive position can still be available at that time, despite the economic downturn worldwide.

Ohh, it’s something like what the Chinese love to say, ”rewarding stuffs don’t come jumping around in such a leisure pace”. And yes, the offer is really something that jumps not only around, but jumps directly to ME. Wow, that ‘s weird.


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